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Published: Sunday 17th of March 2002 07:40:05 PM


John Peri
Jean-Paul, désolé! I wish I could answer you something constructive. When I start fooling around with an picture, I don't keep a record of what I do. I just try different things until I am more or less satisfied. Sorry I can't be more precise. John

Jean-Paul Chevalier
Technique john , I would really like to know how you did to obtein this color on the picture. Thanks, I really like your work .

Jean-Paul Chevalier
Merci de tout façon Thanks for yous anwer .I will check for your others photos. Good luck and good job

Marc G.
Here again, I love the effect, and the pose too... But this could have been your very best in this folder... I feel that the edges behind her head are really not right, and the cloud filter for the background, that's a clear no for me... I still love this very much, but do touch it up... It deserves better finishing imo. Regards.

Raul Drechsel

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