"Purple & Gold"

by Tsoi Wilson

purple gold seattle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 7th of September 2007 06:08:57 PM


Clecio Lira

Scott Reeves
I think I rated this image highly and anonomously late last week. I did not realize it was yours. What a great sports photo. It really tells a story - not just the center but from edge to edge all the way around.

John Larson
Ouch! Great capture, dynamic, so much action framing #30.

Cynthia Jean
Oh this is such a great picture/memory! Very Good Wilson.

Nina Non
ohhh nooo! his head!. Poor guy!.

great photo such a great photo ! and that must have hurt ! .wowowow

Greg Chappell
Knowing Washington's record last year, this image is very appropriate. Hopefully, this isn't a sign of more to come! Excellent shot, as usual.

Alberto Gomez
Perfect timing Perfec timing! The expresion on this guy's face expreses what it feels to loose the helmet in the middle of a play!! :-) Regards!

Wilson Tsoi
"Purple & Gold" Washington running back Brandon Johnson (#6) hoping to gain few more yards during a scrimmage game while Paul Homer (#30) loses his helmet.

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