by Prakarsa Rarindra

untitled farmer vllage moslem islam kid light canon powersh prakarsa rarindra

Gallery: The kids

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Published: Thursday 6th of September 2007 09:15:55 AM


Linda Davidson
Rarindra, Your lighting effects are pure magic. This is wonderful. I don't think you have posted one image that I didn't find beautiful.

Suresh Randadath
Rarindra, This is an amazing photograph. Fabulous use of the twilight (or dawn?). Very well done!!

Elf Kerben
thx nice light & warm colors

Fabio Capoccia
Nice shoot! Wonderful light... well done *congrats*

Dejana Rubčić
Esta foto me recuerda a la ambientacion de las peliculas chinas.

Margo Wade
Superb. 7/7 Margo.

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
wonderful 7/7

Paolo Casagranda
Great light and composition, as always in your photos. P.

Terry Gilroy
A wonderful photograph, great lighting and composition. Well done. Terry

Kamran Malik
Golden Life Wanderful Short Innocent Framing Nice shades of light

Raif Tulga
hı Excellent use of light, nice clours...

lonewolf1966 man
It reminds me of my childhood. good atmophere ! L.W.

Brad Kim
Perfect! An idyllic image...!

kim youngil
So beautiful !

annamir abadaniell
TERBAIK!!! Memang terbaik hasilnya, even hanya menggunakan G5! You're the master of "The Art of Seeing" pak Rarindra :)

Jan Zajc
Your photos are amazing, one day i would like to meet you and buy you a beer!! Regards, Jan

Satyajit Dhaneshwar
Excellent work !!!

mahmood qureshi

i love your pix.

Juan Carlos Pons

Esta foto ha sido publicada por Manik en Facebook. El asegura que la foto es propiedad de cuatro autores y que trabajó para ti. 


Juan Carlos Pons
Link Manik photo


Kryn Sporry

There is something divine about this picture, something ethereal.

It kind of reminds me of the baptism of Christ (A painting my parents used to have)

Rarindra Prakarsa
sunday morning Tank you for any comments. Pokoknya rdpbanget.

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