by Sobering Geoff

untitled seeking critique sobering geoff

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Published: Monday 27th of August 2007 12:29:09 PM


florian r.
that's my cup of tea, i like it alot... might work even better when framed.

Claude Corbin
Nice composition, as the lawn chair breaks up all the straight lines.

Sarah Underhill
Great find! Nice color, love the chair.

Kellen Sobiech
Geoff, Such a soothing color composition with all the shades of green. I really liked your contribution to my Horse Country No Words Forum, your work is very interesting and I will be back to see more....I like your style. Cheers, Kellen

Geoff Sobering
Arena Door with Chair This is a compositional study. Please let me know what you think about it. Many thanks!

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