Desert track

by Kwiatkowski Wojtek

desert track horse arabian nikon d mm f af ed dese kwiatkowski wojtek


Tags: horse arabian nikon d200 track nikon 80-200mm, f28 af ed desert seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Thursday 23rd of August 2007 11:57:05 PM


Darjan George
beautiful . . .

Ted Gorczyca
great capture

Margaret Woodall-Shark
Fantastic. Just great!

Shawn Shawhan
If anyone can change me into a person who loves horses it will be you!

Thinh Nguyen
Powerful ! Great captured with very good exposure. Regards.

Leroy Laverman
Love this shot. You seem to have captured the essence of this horse. I applied a 1 degree CCW rotation and increase the saturation just slightly in the attached. Hope you like it.

Orhan Köse
Very nice image.

Linda Davidson
Spectacular shot!

metin aslim
beautiful . . .

Hasan Ghodrati
Stunning! Wojtek, wow wow! This is so majestic and absolutely gorgeous. I loved it and enjoyed it so much. Great work. Regards - Hasan

Darius Tulbure
Very dynamic posture! You can see alt his (?) muscles... It's a shame the background doesn't offer something better though.

Maria Koutala
I have no words, simply wonderful

Tony Hadley
Wow! Such clarity and good form!

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
beatiful shot

Bob Kurt
Superb !

Michele Berti
beautiful capture

Ajdin Spahic
WooooooooooW great shot and great photo

Ghulam Yasin
nice photo

Mujahid Awais
Excellent I love horses photography. Yau can see horses on my page.

Trish vandenBerg
oh so so so incredible beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~trish~

rama krishna reddy aluka
good motion and too sharp

Wojtek Kwiatkowski
... Comments greatly appreciated, thanks for your time :)

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