"Road to Seattle"

by Tsoi Wilson

road to seattle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 22nd of August 2007 02:18:34 AM


Gabriella Lucia
Beautifull Compostion as always. (6-6) I saw this photo before I caught the name and no surprise when I saw it was you behind this.

Frank Melchior
Look who's the Night owl now, that bridge can be dangerous that time at night, great image.

Martin Torriani
Very nice composition and colors, congrats. Although the photo is superb, one option would be to choose an angle that actually excludes the bridge. It is very pretty and blends nicely with the blue sky, however it distracts from the main theme (the road that leads to the skyscrapers).

Thinh Nguyen
Beautiful composition & excellent exposure.

Inger Margrete Pedersen
Wonderful colors and light.

Ken Beilman
Great composition and wonderful exposure. Very nice, Wilson.

Sujit Mahapatra
Excellent photography, Brilliant colors!!! What was your shutter lag time?

Don Lally
The leading line makes this picture pop. Nice work!!

Michael Ging
Beautiful photo, great leading lines and exposure. well done.

Chris Wymant
The sweep of the road is magnificent, and I love how it takes you from the natural foreground to the man-made background, lovely work!

Wilson Tsoi
"Road to Seattle" Taken close to midnight with I-90 in foreground, Qwest Field at left, and downtown at right.

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