Air Sharky

by Vnoucek Fred

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Published: Tuesday 21st of August 2007 05:01:52 PM


Kristy Cannon
Another GREAT SHOT Fred! I love the "freeze frame" action of this moment! Awesome! :)

Joaquin Tornel
Great photography, single to watch it gives fear, debio me to be quite difficult to obtain this photo. My congratulations

Carlos Guaimare
Just on time. Great capture

Rafik Kamel
truly a very unique capture, perfect timing here, bravo, RK!

Christopher Harris
Stunning shot! Absolutely superb. Maybe tinker with a crop just to move him off dead center. Great work! A 7/7 anonymously. Cheers! Chris

Brad Kim
Stunning capture, Fred! Did you shoot with continuous firing mode?

Ema Popa
wow !! I haven't even seen a creature like this in my life but you captured it ! Beautiful!

Fred Vnoucek
Answer for Brad Kim Hi! thanks for your continuing interest in my photography. Yes this was on C mode, the D200 shoots 5 fps, that is pretty much what you need for this kind of action. If it is interesting to you check the short films on it gives impression how fast this happens. Bst regards! Fred

Ian Hayhurst
Top capture!, you must be thrilled, nice that you captured a section of coast here to. Cheers Ian

Evan Spellman
WoW I was just finishing putting up a pic of my own and this totally caught my eye. whoa great action shot, the detail is very good. I was aware of the great whites in south africa, but what makes them jump out of the water like this? its highly unusual isnt it. I realize dolphins and whales breech out of the water but for differnt resons than this shark I would imagine. :-) Evan

Jaap Voets
scary.... to see 5 meters of top predator jump out of the water but it makes an excellent shot for sure

John Schroeder
Your abilities as an animal trainer are not to be underestimated.

Malija Bell
Yes, you really must be thrilled. Shot to envy.Regards:)

Michael S. Maddox
Amazing Superb, riveting photo. It absolutely commands attention. Well done!

Harry Joseph
Wow ! Wow dont go back in the water people ! This is a really scary shot, but how close were you to the action ? I see you used a 24-120mm lens on this one. That's not much room between you and the shark. congrats !

Michael Nigro
Fred: Was that thing coming after you? I think I might skip ocean fishing as a pass-time.

Emre Safak
That's just amazing. I wish I had been there.

wayne g
Air Sharky Like so many others have said...just an awesome picture!

Mary Kittle
Unbelievable Great Shot, you must have been so thrilled to get this photo.

Harry Eggens
Fantastic Fred Superb capture. Hope to make a shot like this sometime when travelling to SA. Best regards, Harry

Ellen Bicar
Hi Fred Whew.. nice shoot..really nice picture..Fred, how far were you when you took this photo? Ellen

mario rossi

Raif Tulga
hi Great capture...

Frits Nieuwenburg
This is the best mackerel picture I have seen. Great shot!

Hataiiia Hataiiia
Go Sharky! )))

Giselle Behrens
amazing amazing capture!!! love how it is frozen in mid-air!!!

Frank Mueller
So what is that thing catching - a bird? Awesome shot anyhow!

Robert G.
This must be a thrill to see these sharks fly up out of the water , let alone capture it with a photo , thats not an eagle in its mouth by chance ? Awesome capture Fred , Id trade at least a dozen eagles catching bait or what ever , for one of these shots ! Adventure at its best ! Robert

Jeny Plante
The best ! Amazing !

Bane Stankovic

Christian M.
I'm jealous. I love sharks, especially the great whites. I've always wanted to go inside those shark cages to get a closer look...and not the cage with the bars, but the cylindrical transparent ones where the walls look invisible in the water. That would truly be a horrific, intense, and exciting experience. And, of course, I'll have a camera handy to capture this behemoth!

Nuray Gonulalan

Kali Anderson
Absolutley Fantabulous! It gives me the chills just because I think of Jaws when I see this and how freaky those sharks really are! Believe me, I almost caught one slightly smaller than that! But I love your photograph, you made one of the worlds scariest creatures look beautiful!

Ted Smith
Excellent capture. Superbly framed too. I like the addition of the background, but I wonder if a UV filter might have complimented the background? Maybe not as it may have made it too pronounced and distracted from Sharky. Just a thought. Superb though - well done.

Andrew Susilo Putra
U manage to capture the moment. well-executed. *thumbs up*


Trisha Jean-Angela

Amazing capture! How exciting this must have been! And a little terrifying...   Thank you for sharing. :)

Fred Vnoucek
Flying Sharks of South Africa Thanks for looking!

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