Workman, Norway

by Rosemier Matt

workman norway seeking critique rosemier matt

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Published: Saturday 18th of August 2007 03:22:48 PM


Matt Rosemier
Thanks, Fred. This is one of those shots where I realized that i wasn't gonna be able to surreptitiously take the photo i wanted, so although I don't speak Norwegian (and wasn't sure if he spoke English) I held up the camera and raised my eyebrows in the international gesture of "Do you mind if i take your picture?". When he shrugged and nodded i snapped the photo, but didn't want to piss him off by taking a bunch, and so what I got was what you see. I am learning to like the Asked-For Street more than the totally candid Street that got me hooked in the first place.

Matt Rosemier
Workman, Norway thanks for any ratings or comments.

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