The Flashlight Sonata

by Popper Joseph

the flashlight sonata seeking critique popper joseph

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Published: Saturday 18th of August 2007 08:08:00 AM


Ceylan Atuk
excellent .. I like the light very nice...

Airi Pung
Nice portrait! Congrats!

Norma Desmond
Joseph This is a wonderful portrait. The concentration of the man on his music, the delicate movement of the bow, the strong but warm and dappled lighting really supplying a visual counterpoint to the music, the way the light especially catches his fingers. You've cropped beautifully and created an image that's alive and expressive.

Adela Hriscu
Such an interesting use of light, nicely done!

Josip Ćutunić
This is niceeeee

Antanas Strazdas
6/6 Great capture, perfect lighting, best regards.

David Meyer
Joseph Well the obvious has been stated. The lighting is magic. The gentleman's intense expression is perfect, and the overall impression one gets is that this is a portrait that is about as good as it gets. EXCELLENT.

Teresa Zafon
Joseph, first of all thank you so much for your kind words on my portfolio and for your support on my work. This is a wonderful shot. I agree with David, the lighting is magic and the color too. Love it.

Cherlyn .
Very good use of light to highlight certain portions to add interest & focus to the subject. Lovely image.

Fotinos Katsaounis
This is a very fine shot. I have the feeling that I hear the sound of the instrument. Very tender, introverted and peaceful image.

Joseph Popper
Thank you all for the comments. Much appreciated

Yann Langeard
Wonderful. Perfect using of a light ray. (thank you for your comment on one of my pictures)

Vladimir Funtak
For a momet I thought that the violin player is blind. Remarkable work.

Bruegel Kuiseb
... back me to a Union Square NYC memory... one night, one sound, one soul... Hi

Joseph Popper
Thanks! Fotinos, cherlyn, Bruegel, Vann, Vladimir: Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on this image. I appreciate your kindness.

Vladimir Funtak
Well, I have to ask, not regarding your photo: Is the man playing violin, and is it accustomed way to play violin? Thank you.

Joseph Popper
Vladimir The instrument is called a viol or viola da gamba, and it's usually played in this position. It's a baroque-period instrument with a fretted neck. And although it looks like a violin or cello, it's really more closely related to various earlier Spanish and Italian guitar-like instruments. There are now some virtuoso players, particularly in Spain and Italy, who have revived the music written for the viol. Hope this explanation helps. Merry Christmas, my friend! Joe

Tomaso Nigris
Very good use of light. May be i would drop a little bit the dark on the top but it's just a personal point of view

Excellent image. Love the lighting.

Ellen van Deelen
Its beautiful this image, very nice light here. (Thanks for your comment!)

Joseph Popper
The Flashlight Sonata Thanks

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