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gulp nikon d af vr capetown seeking critiq vnoucek fred

Gallery: Terra Africa

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Published: Friday 17th of August 2007 02:49:05 PM


Iryna Smolych
7/7 This is fantastic photo!

Frank Walsh
Absolutely superb action shot. Well done!

Fred Kess
WOW! That is just amazing!! That would have scared the crap out of me too much to take picture!

Daryl Crouse
I did not know that those suckers really got that high out of the water except during the movie "Jaws"....As he said in the movie..."We need to get a bigger boat!"....Darn good shot! 6/7

Tero P.
Awesome shot. Perfect composition.

Kristy Cannon
Great action shot!

Jeremy Harris
Simply amazing that you caught that moment. Now my only question is how do you teach a great white to do tricks?

Dennis Jones
Location Location Location.... and at the right place right time... AWESOME is my only word....

David Long
Whoa Nelly! I think I would have wanted a much longer lens. Perfect timing, and a simply great shot.

A.K. Sircar
Spectacular capture,Fred.Very good exposure,light and composition.

Leslie Battjes
OMG! Great timing! Although, how in the world did you keep hold of your camera??? I'd have freaked out and dropped the darn thing!

Mateusz Pitak
sweet !!! good shoot

Wayne Willis
great capture

Robert G.
Great capture Fred , adventure at its best , regards Robert

Ted Gorczyca
great action shot, nice capture

Anthony J Deffina
Top notch! I've seen shots of Orcas doing this but never a Great White. Must have amazing to watch! Thanks for sharing it! ~Anthony

Björn Johansson
One of the best white shark picture i have ever seen great picture. Bj�rn

Eric Severson
Your boat wasn't big enough I'm sure of that! Good grief what a terrific moment!

Szabolcs Nemeth
WoW! That`s amazing shot...I`ve been sharkdiving here. I couldnt take any shot like this...but I`ve seen them from the cage! They are very impressive...from the cage too. They appear from the nothing and comming so close from the dark , and they are just looking at you and after they just disappear. amazing. Great shot, I love it!

Denis Santana
No repeatable Yes, unbelievable great picture, hard to repeat in 100 years, congratulations!!. note: The camera is OK, but the boat is too small!! Denis

Carolyn Dalessandro
The fact that you captured this "Sharp" is awesome. If that came out of the water with me standing there.....Not so sure. Fantastic capture!!

Sujit Mahapatra
What can i say About the shot. Just amazing. Perfect action shot. Best ratings. Regards... Sujit

Jeffrey Hollis
WOW! This photo is SICK NASTY.

Amy Masters
wow. wow. wow. i am stunned and amazed at this. thank you for sharing!!

Elisabetta Moschetto

elizabeth faulkner
Fantastic! what an awesome image. There's such power in their movement. Hoping to capture this myself next year and hopefully, like one guy said, it won't scare the crap out of me and miss the photo!

Adrian Ciorba
Nice capture of waterdrops, and the "model" is in a good pose :)) Yes amazing shot. Congratulations!

Antonio F
No word. Terrific

Trampuž Simon
Great shot!! 7/7

Beau Hooker
Killer shot! ;-)

Bane Stankovic
Amazing moment!

Rachel Ann Foster
In awe. Nothing more to say:

Lauren Smith
Is the "gulp" the shark eating the seal(?) or the photographer realizing he needs a bigger boat?

Tina Karina
WOW !!! No comments, Great shot.

Phillip Simmons
Seal Island South Africa?? Is this where this was taken?? Great stuff

Brian Denz
awesome capture.a fascinating creature.

Fred Vnoucek
Shark Attack Please rate and comment - appreciate!

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