Post Industrial szenery at the old mill of Korpikoski.

by Funke Stephan

post industrial szenery at the old mill of korpiko seeking critique funke stephan

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Published: Thursday 16th of August 2007 02:16:36 PM


Stephan Funke
The Korpikoski saw There are several more transmission towers and a steam enginge close to the saw and mill building. This year the mill was closed, but I remember that inside the mill is the usual equipment to handle cereals. Korpikoski is situated close to the town of Mikkeli, the waterway belongs to lake Puula, which again belongs to the Kymi - river system. Stephan

Asla Vihervuori
Well, this sure evokes some questions. What kind of factory/industry/mill has there been and what kind is enviroment surrounding this scene? Your choice for IR is excellent, I guess you have taken best out of this scene. And yes, it is inetersting to see industrial wheel and axis in the middle of woods. I think this is at least good image, if not better. No ratings, since i don't do them anymore. a s l a

Stephan Funke
Post Industrial Landscape in Mid Finland Thank you for your time and interest. Feedback is welcome. Stephan

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