Michelle L

by Simon Janosch

michelle l seeking critique simon janosch

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Published: Tuesday 14th of August 2007 09:03:51 PM


Rachel Ann Foster
Wow! Pose is evocative yet discreet. Background suits the subject. I only wish I were talented enough to see what is wrong with this one, because I can't find anything to comment on.

Dean Agar
Interesting to see you go with bright colours. Model and pose are great, lighting I'm not sure of. The point you raise about your images been all over the internet is an interesting one. Is anyone making money from them or is it just on blogs etc People appreciating the work? I've lost count of the number of my images around the web but I've never found anyone selling a low res jpeg therefore I really couldn't care less. The watermark just blows it. Maybe you should question your desire to 'share' if you actually don't want to share. Or you take a leaf out of Ben Heys book as he watermarks his work in a tasteful manner that doesn't ruin the whole thing.

Dan Cordle
Lovely Photo Lovely photo. It's clear you put a great deal of care into your work. I disagree with Dean's comment on the watermark, While it is more pleasant to view photos without watermarks, I understand your concerns. It can be impossible to track or control images once they're online. This can lead to unfortunate circumstances, not just for photographers, but especially for nude models.

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Calendar girl redux Marilyn Monroe reborn.....a great simulation. And your pose may be better than the original one in Playboy. gs

Janosch Simon
"Michelle L" From now on i will use this (c) because my pictures are all over the internet without my permission. kind regards Janosch

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