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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


PNF Photography
beautiful series.... love the colors...

Linda Davidson
Wonderful! This is absolutly beautiful. The colours, the composition is perfect. The texture is amazing.

gordon b
Thanks Thanks to all for the kind words and taking time to share your thoughts. The input is greatly appreciated. Marc; I have noticed, with some of the other images in this series as well as with your comment on this one, that the faded daisy has been referred to as " sad" . This is part of what is great about people sharing their thoughts, up until now I had only looked upon these two daisies as young and old.

Mark A.
Wonderful and very unique.

Marc Poljak
Comments Wow, this has a marvelous painterly look and feel about it. Great highlight detail and color balance between the background and subject. The drooping petals of the flower towards the top of the frame seem sad and forlorn while the flower at the bottom appears much more cheerful. Just goes to show that 2 flowers can see the same light in different ways. Maybe one works the day shift and the other graveyard? A beautiful photograph. Thanks! MP.

Ted Gorczyca
nicely done

Dan Bliss
Beautiful, beautiful image. I like the colors, the composition, the technique. Nicely done. Dan

Malija Bell
Eventho it didnt win the POW, this is my fav image from the series! Nice contrast!

Micki F.
7/7 just wonderful the colors and the clarity and the story Just totally wonderful worthy of the highest marks!!!!

gordon b
Thanks Kelly. After the shot I saw of yours this morning I have likewise put soaking in your protfolio on my "must do" list for the near future.

Kelly Phillips
You gave me a compliment so I thought that I would check out your work. You have some truly amazing stuff here. This photo along with this whole folder is out of this world. This is a great idea. I will be checking out your other work soon. Take care.

Ian Cox-Leigh
This is the best of the series in my opinion. I love the depth of the blue at the base of the image. The gradation of colour is very effective. The fact that this gradation is echoed throughout the other elements of the image (clarity through the glass, apparent sharpness, level of condesation, density of blossoms etc. . . -- they all gradate from bottom up) helps focus and reinforce the message and compelling nature of the image. I still can't help but see these images as a depiction of the triumph of the blossoms (hope?) over the oppressiveness of the water and entrapment (even if I know logically this isn't true and that the flowers probably quite liked the morning waterings). This is really a great series.

Lukas Hejtman
wonderful dreamy photo, beautiful...

Laurent Jaussi
This daisies serie is paint-like...very nice colors and through the glass and mist blurr...original and fresh....

gordon b
Ian, Thanks and my apologise for taking so long to acknowledge you comment. I somehow missed it at the time. I too saw this as a triumph over their entrapment. They managed to show off their beauty even under adversity.

gordon b
Lukas Thanks for your comment . I am glad you like these daisies.

gordon b
Laurent Thanks for the comment. 'Painterly' was the first thought that came to my mind when I uploaded the photos to my computer.Something about the effect of the dew on the glass makesks the image look painted.

Ron Jones
This is truely inspiring. I can't quite understand how it was accomplished, Please let me know the particulars. I would greatly apprecieate it. Ron

Nancy Barrett
"Painterly" is most definitely the perfect term to describe this image and the others in this gallery. It's in My Favorites now--Thank you for sharing! all the best, nancy

Carola Onkamo former Lundmark
I hink that this is very beautiful. Very creative and well performed.
Beautiful colour and mood
Best regards Carola

gordon b
Carola; I am honoured to discover that you have been looking around my portfolio. Thanks for the kind words. Also a belated congrats on being published in Digital Photography magazine. I just recently read about it over at 1X. I recently submitted a few images over there and I am considering joining. This image was actually one of the ones they rejected because: " It's a good photo, but it doesn't stand out that much. A photo might be technically perfect, but it also has to affect the viewer. " I will keep trying, they did accept one image.

Carola Onkamo former Lundmark
Thank you very much ! Yes I am very happy about the publication.

Well, don´t take it personally that you have been rejected at 1x. I have a whole bunch of those over there. Taste is very personally and everyone doesn´t love everything. Flower are having trouble big time doing it over there. But this one is very very good so keep on trying :)
All the best, Carola

gordon b
Carola; I now realized that their rejection notices are generic. Silly me, I originally thought that someone was writing a comment for the specific image. Thanks for the advice I will try a few more times.

diana lallbi
thanks gordon for your pic.. this shot is very very nice .. my favorite flower is margarite ( if my guess to be correct i think you say it Daisies or maybe both of them to be different , i don't know !! ) .. anyway , when i see this pic , i be glad..and also that colours composition is very fantastic.. best wishes :)

Alec Ee
You have the ability to interpret beauty in a unique way. Enjoyed the series

Fernand Hick
Nice colours and superb compo. An original abstract ! Regards, Fernand

gordon b
Marina, Alec & Fernand I am glad you all enjoy this image and series. It was a lot of fun exploring the same window daily over a span of days and resulted in a few images that I was quite pleased with. Thanks for the supportive comments.

Luís Gonzaga Batista


gordon b
daisies and yarrow under glass Part of a series of photos taken of wildflowers growing up behind some old storm windows. The condensation is morning dew. Thanks for viewing and for your comments

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