"Na Pali Shoreline II"

by Tsoi Wilson

na pali shoreline ii seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Landscape

Published: Tuesday 31st of July 2007 06:40:24 PM


Andreas Spachtholz
IMO much too much colours. It looks quite artifisial... Andreas

John Larson
Great composition and color. I think you have a good balance between sky, land and water in this case.

Olaf de Vries
Dutchy Wilson Rules of third aren't simple.. Did your mother asked for a brake seeing your shoulders while birthgiving..? :) Of course you know. Here IMHO the blue of the sky is biting the green of the ocean. The coast and it's colors are, with this sky, asking for just a chain of green around the isle. However, the more you crop the sky, the more ocean can stay. Few ocean means more sky. The coast mountains the most important? Few sky, few ocean. It ALL has just to do with the impressive colors here. Tried 12 attachments.. next did translate that in the tekst above. Haha.. you have to work. ;) Was just watching/reading your Dutch-canals-Kinderdijk story. Pleasant work sir! Indeed it isn't bad overhere. By the way, I'm most of the times composing just intuitive. Sometimes afterwars recognizing the working of a rule/ "unwritten law." Where would we be without that feeling.. OVERTHERE, I suppose! :) Yeh, I will hold on now. Already "commenting" for about eight (!) hours. Regards, Olaf.

Juan Carlos Bretschneider
If I remember correctly, this is exactly as I viewed the place....so evidently I have no problem with the colors. Besides what else is there for the photographer to choose from, if not the way he wants his creation to look.

Richard Kynast
I can't answer your question, Wilson, but this is a beautiful shot. Maybe just a bit too much ocean but as has already been said, then you would need more sky... Regards, Richard

Matt Mendrala
Speechless Your pictures are so beautiful that they make me want to cry. I hiked this location with my wife a few years ago and this picture captures exactly how we felt being in the midst of such awe inspiring beauty.

Olaf de Vries
thanks Franc .. for telling how MY eyes are watching! Like the great film-comedian Laurel.. to Hardy..: "At last you are using MY brain..!" :) Creative!

Brad Kim
Fantastic, Wilson...!!!

JeffS L
My wife and I honeymooned here. This calls up those memories, seeing the shoreline and hiking those hills. Lovely colors in the mountains and water.

franc golob
Composition Hi There are two kinds of talking photographers: first are comenting the technical qualities of lenses, the other ones are talking about shapes-compositions. For most 'theoretisc-photographers' in forums and in 'all book' exist or Golden shape are 1/3. How dull and funny. Look at uper photo again. What you see? At first your eyes is going on the picks of the mountain, at first to the highest one and then to the right, having a litle break in the midle. After this moving down to the shore (hole) under the highest pick and then to the green part on the right. If you chain this 4 points, in the midle is the Point of See. Make then diagonals from the corners of the presented photo; what have you find out? Important is Creativity, 'teoretics' can wait for 'saloons'. This photo is good becouse of FLUID! Franc

Wilson Tsoi
Another "Na Pali Shoreline" Taken during a cruise along Kauai's Na Pali coast. Does simple rule of third alone carry this? Feedback is welcome.

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