"Conway & Mt. Baker"

by Tsoi Wilson

conway mt baker seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Landscape

Published: Monday 30th of July 2007 12:24:07 AM


Dave Englund
Yes, I like it very much. I like the curved lines of the water drenched road, as well as the straight lines of the barn and fence. I'm also enjoying the various colors - green, gold, red, white, orange. The only thing is, I'd be tempted to crop out most of the first large puddle and see what the effect is.

Ross Murphy
Wilson You are a master at composition, your work, as always is exellente ! Ross.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Hey, Wils - I'm finally finding more time to get online and look at photos. Of course, I've missed a bunch of gorgeous shots from you! So sad ... because this is SO fabulous! I love the mountain in the background, the great colors, the small reflections in the creek ... superb!

Wilson Tsoi
"Conway & Mount Baker" Weather is hard to predict around here, so went to grab this Friday after work. Does this work for you compositionally?

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