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Gallery: Alexis, the dancer

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Published: Friday 27th of July 2007 08:30:11 AM


Alfredo Muñoz de Oliveira

Alejandro Keller
Jim! Thanks for the visit and the comment. Was about time that I continue with this series (still so many images to print)... having seen the print, I can tell you that Alexis is on focus. His upper body seems blurred because there is no way you'll make him stand still while he is dancing. But, if you look at his legs, you'll see that they are in focus (although I probably should have sharpened the image a bit more before uploading). The rest of the dancers, including the girl in the front, are out of focus. I'll call you to talk for a while after I return from Spain (will be on vacations this week). Alejandro

Alejandro Keller
Alexis, Afrocuban dance Thanks for looking

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