"White Pickett Fence III"

by Tsoi Wilson

white pickett fence iii seeking critique tsoi wilson

Gallery: Travel, USA, Pacific Northwest

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Architecture

Published: Friday 27th of July 2007 02:15:33 AM


Tim Powell
I dont know what keystoning is but i think its a very good photo just the way it is.

Carlos Prieto
I think in this case keystoning adds to the image. If this was a commercial / arquitectural client, I may try to correct it.

Theo Jacobs
Original, somewhat surrealistic photos. A technical question: you mention the exposures, but what are these exposures compared to the standard exposure? I mean, is this for instance -1 and +1 stop?

Charles Paul
Nice Angle. Good photo. Really like the angle at which it is taken.

Leo Burkey
Wilson Great perspective image, nicely done!

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco

nice and interesting shoot

Wilson Tsoi
"White Pickett Fence III" Taken in front of Mukilteo lighthouse ground. Do you think the non- corrected key stoning add or substract from the image?

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