Class Act: Theater Professor

by Kelly Landrum

class act theater professor seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Thursday 26th of July 2007 08:43:44 AM


Landrum Kelly
Thank you, everyone. I regret to say that I just found out a few days ago that she has taken a job at another college. She is irreplaceable. --Lannie

Pnina Evental
Hi Lannie, very nice moment and image , full with "Joie de vivre," .....very good light and skin tones, well placed on the frame. How are you?

Liz Weisiger
Lannie, what a lovely smile! I bet she is as nice as she looks. Beautiful work.

Ken Beilman
Hi Lannie Nice composition, detail, and clarity. Love the bokeh. My only suggestion would be to burn the higlight on her forehead and her white jacket a bit. This is an attractive lady with a very nice smile and you have captured her well.

Emmanuel Enyinwa
This whole series is so refreshingly authentic, like you blended in so well you were a part of the. Really nice body of work.

Landrum Kelly
I am a part of them, Emmanuel. These are my friends and colleagues among whom I live and work every day. They are very nearly my whole life now. I regret to say that this professor took a job in Charlotte back in August, and so I do not hear her voice in the halls anymore. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
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