Butterfly up close

by Schreiber Radim

butterfly up close seeking critique schreiber radim

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Published: Monday 23rd of July 2007 01:40:51 PM


Tiffany Oreglia
It's BEAUTIFUL, as is!

Maja Staerke
I know what you mean and it is one of these questions I always ask myself. It is a bit dark but you get away with it. You could try to just marqee the butterfly and highlight it - or the insite of the flower- this will keep the other colours the way they are . Sometimes it helps. Otherwise very nice photo !!!

Ian Cox-Leigh
I don't find it too dark at all. It doesn't hurt that it is a great image as well. I love the amount of detail on the body of the butterfly. Very nice work!

Maurizio Rossi
I don't think is too dark, it's only splendid and unique! Compliments and regards, Maury

Radim Schreiber
Is it too dark? While trying to keep all the color and detail in highlight, I am afraid I have rendered the image too dark. What is your take on that?

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