Retired Revolutionary

by Downs Jim

retired revolutionary cuba seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Saturday 21st of July 2007 03:40:20 AM


Vladimir Funtak
Good work, as usually.I would like to listen his storys.

Pete Millis
He he, great shot of a world famous model! This looks fantastic with he bright orange against the greyness of the background. And man, look at those fingernails on his left hand! I hope you don't take offense at my rating for "originality" though - I try to be honest and aestheticaly I love this picture.

Teresa Zafon
Great shot of another famous personality of Cuba. What a pity, I haven't met him...

Jim Downs
The Remnants of Fidel's Faithful I spied this old gentleman on the sidestreets of Old Havana and asked permission to take his photo which he readily granted. As I put my camera back in its bag next to my Lonely Planet guidebook, I did a double-take as the photo on the cover of the guidebook was the same man I had just photographed, one Senor Ronald Butler. He volunteered to autograph the inside cover of the guidebook. I offered him a small stipend as a token of my appreciation which he graciously accepted but he never once asked or demanded anything for his cooperation.

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