The Last Intact Michelangleo in Cuba

by Downs Jim

the last intact michelangleo in cuba seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Tuesday 17th of July 2007 06:30:32 AM


Johanna Da Cruz
TheLastIntact Nice shot GungaJim,let us hope someone in years to come might remember this photo of yours and ask to buy a copy to restore the roof to it's former Glory.It would be sad if all the ceilings in the world that has all these lovely paintings goes to waste one day.Since the ones who appreciate art are getting lesser and lesser. Regards Johanna

Maria Tadic
I don't agree.. with your comment Johana about artists.. they don't get lesser but try to find their way towards originality.. the concept of old masters of art was taking a huge amount of time to be concealed.. today with fast living, there is fast art, of which you may not be a fan.. but still it has it's own originality.. simplicity.. for someone wasteous.. but if you see the man in trouble today and make him stand in front of some picture with faces, or people crowd like in pictures of great masters, he will go nuts.. man wants simple forms today.. I like this ceiling fragment of view into masterpiece.. I don't have anything negative to say for master of art.. but I believe that they exist even today.. and they are there somewhere waiting to be found by our cameras.. :) Lovely composition GungaJim Downs because it shows friendly interface..and perfect number 10 :)

Chris Hamilton

Nice shape and pattern, like how the repetition is broken.

Jim Downs
The Last Intact Michelangleo in Cuba Havana, Cuba

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