My Amazing Morning

by permadi agah

my amazing morning canon mm f d digital banten amazin permadi agah

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Published: Tuesday 17th of July 2007 06:06:17 AM


Reencarnacion Cristalero
Fantastica , una gran foto , saludos

Ignacio Feito
Breathtaking! An amazing shot, lighting is magical!

Emily Tan
Beautiful beautiful shot, I love everything about the lighting and composition! It works perfectly. I only wish that the colors were a little more natural-looking--the green is too green for real life.

G.B.K. Sharma
Hi... Great Shot..............

Budiarto Gondowijoyo
woow,indah sekalee,kaya lukisan jadinya

Keith Hatcher
I would love to see the orginal before all the lighting filters and photoshop work was done. Fog and lighting filters works magic. sela

sandy ebert
wow... looks like soemthing from a magical enchanting...congrats on your capture!

AndRe Arment
Super" Super lighthing. Ferfect capturing. gethoo lhooo.. Hunting again Mas..? like this..? Ayuuuuk....

Brandi Morrow
Very nice lighting!

Wendy de Kok
^o^ Great photo! I really like the sunbeams, but also your colors and compositions. Very well done and thanks for sharing!

Kristijan Janjic
wonderful, just wonderful!

George Butunoi

Mario Jose Morel
this is a great photo, i really like the green and the composition is perfect.

Branko Kosteski
7/7 this is an amazin shot... the colors are stunning, the moment is priceless... congrats

willy setiadi
olahannya keren...

Tejas Tipnis
WOW ! this is fab. Lighting is fantastic -- is that natural or photoshop effect? Cool photo to watch & i'm amazed by its Naturality!

Airi Pung

Afshin Azizi
All is perfect in this shot.Rays of sun and compositon is wonderful.Regards

teodora ursuleanu
wow this is such a good work!!!

Alex Milarakis
Fantastic photo with excellent composition and perfect lighting. Congrats !

Krista Stone
WOW This is beautiful! I love the kids facial expressions and the bison about to drink from the puddle is great. Wonderful job.

Manuel Barrera
excellent ps great ps work on this

R Jackson
While initially eye-catching, I'm afraid the shot doesn't hold up to a closer look. The lighting looks unnatural and the boys look pasted into the shot. I suspect you put a lot of work into it but I have to wonder why...

Radoslav Kostadinov
Don't know what kind of cameras, lenses etc. you people use, but this photo is breathtaking! Lightning seems to be captured similarly as in the photos of Rarindra Prakarsa, another photographer I adore!

Greg Chappell
Once or twice works OK....several times starts getting a little passe. Your Photoshop skills are obviously very good.

Christopher Oquist
I really like what you captured here, but I have to agree with the previous poster that the colors are far too saturated/intense. Is this HDRI or just manipulation of a single exposure? I like intense colors in many cases but in your photographs they seem to be a little overdone, and the CGI-ishness eclipses the power of the images themselves. Muting them slightly would give this photograph a lot more impact, I think. Having said that, it's a great image. You have an impressive ability to capture light (filtering rays, haze, etc) and use it to the shot's advantage. I only wish the shots were a little more natural looking - they would be breathtaking. Chris

Hazel Billingsley
I like the idea but to me - it looks like two images combined. The lighting of the children is different from the rest of the image. Please correct me if I'm wrong about this being two images!

Jan Kristoffersson
WOW! This is just amazing!

nguyen phat
Is it the real light ??? wow

agah permadi
thank you for coment..salam hangat morning in Indonesia vilage..the boys swim in buffalo "buthtub"

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