by Prakarsa Rarindra

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Published: Thursday 12th of July 2007 01:08:24 PM


Mitch Cooley
Excellent Color and composition is very well done! Nice photo.

Denny Taroreh
RDP banget githu loh !

Jeff H
Stunning shot, so much to see in just one photo. One on one compassion with the man and boy, such warmth in the lighting, fingers of sunlight stretching down through the trees to warm the grandfather and boy...

Paul Schofield

Phillip Moore
Wow Wow! Simply beautiful. Even without the people it would be pretty, but the people give it an extra something. Thanks for sharing.

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
beatiful capture

AndRe Arment
Simply Simply is beautiful, Rarindra's bangeee....t

Massimo Santoni
7/7 Superb! The lighti, the color tones, the compo... all perfect! My compliments!

Hugo C. Romano
7/7 very beautiful shot !

Olivier Eric Pousaz
A great mood with simplicity, Bravo. Olivier

Dean McClelland
What a beautiful moment you captured between grandfather and grandson!Wonderful composition and color pallet.Cheers!

Razvan Pantescu
Brilliant, a truly fairy tale.

Hans vd Griendt
Wow Stunning

Anders Hingel
Only by comments that go beyond pure celebration of the photo can we learn from each other here on PN. In my eyes the beauty of this photo does not only come from the general light which is indeed very extraordinary, but especially from the details we see in the tree and its leaves and the greens on the ground, but also from the general composition of the scene which stages the two persons. The tree's bending branches direct us towards the persons as do the beams of light. Furthermore the fact that the boy bends his head more than just to look at the adult person tells a story of attentions and respect for the older person. Altogether a fantastic scene . The only comment I can do to what could have been done differently would be that on my screen at least the green shade of the yellow light could maybe be lowered so that the green leaves stand out better and the light become genuinly golden. I might of course be very wrong on this latter point.

Gilles P
Nice PhotoShop work again! You sure know how to use PhotoShop! I've rarely seen so convincing mist... fog... haze effects. How do PS experts call it? Thanks for sharing... the pictures, I mean.

Hillary Cutter
Stunning..7/7 AMAZING!! I would love to be in such a beautiful place! Great capture, composition, and natural lighting. One of the best photos I have seen on Pnet for awhile. Thank you for sharing! My kindest regards

Mahen Konwar
Great lightning effect...and composition. Regards Mahen

Gilles P
Only PS experts can judge If you only had one picture like this in your portfolio, I'd say maybe. But for one picture out of two, it's impossible. But, despite you not wanting to share your "secrets", answers are everywhere on the net. You've got followers. For instance,latery: http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=6194625 Excuse me, but I find your attitude rather mean. A looong time ago, I started a photo club at my colledge. And, of course, some people had their tricks that they didn't want to share. This didn't give them a better eye -- though I must say your sense of composition is very good -- and they never became photographers. It's too bad that every trade has its "secrets" that nobody wants to share, even when they're totally insignificant. (Alignment of a bicycle frame, for instance.) It only goes to show the meaness in otherwise very talented people. To tell you the truth, I always found this attitude horrific, just the opposite of the climate of your pictures. But that's only the 2 cents of somebody who's opinion is by no mean majoritary. So, I suppose you'll want to forget about it. Well, so be it. May you live a very enriching life this way. (Honestly, I don't believe there's a chance :)

GD Whalen
Nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. Congratulations on a great shot.

Rarindra Prakarsa
tank you only good photographer can judge; is the light is original or artificial?

Reencarnacion Cristalero

Anders Hingel
Gilles, who told you that Rarindra don't want to share. Presently we are a the stage of dividing the world between the good and the bad photographers only. Personally I'm one of these anarchist that don't care whether this is photoshoped to the extreme or pure nature as long as it is beautiful, well composed and looks natural. That does not make it a piece of art but just a very very good photo.

AndRe Arment
I'm a follower I'm a Rarindra's follower. I felt lucky got share from Rarindra. It's all about your "Taste of Photography"

AndRe Arment
oh one more! one more, prove it by your self, who's don't belive to the light on this photo. Come to Indonesia, i'll show the place where's this picture taken(if you're lucky one :)

Anders Hingel
If that is right Rarinda, then it is finaly clear to me: I'm a bad photographer. The only indicator for me that the light might be artificial is that it is too beautiful to be true. But again, that might be a bad indicator when it comes to photos of Rarindra Prakarsa.

Gordon Greene
Although I consider myself an advanced amateur photographer, I know a beautiful image when I see it... And this is definetly a beautiful image... Who cares if there is a little PS... This is art...Stunning photograph... Thank for sharing...

pyun jiwoong
good `~~

Rarindra Prakarsa
A Farmer and his grandson Tank you

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