Evil Spirits Moving In

by Kelly Landrum

evil spirits moving in seeking critique kelly landrum

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Category: Landscape

Published: Friday 6th of July 2007 12:24:29 AM


Pnina Evental
Hi Lannie, I like the dim atmospher in this one nearly no details but still some. The back light , the road, the car rushing and the TITLE! Good as well is the color tone. I hope all is well.

Liz Weisiger
Lannie, I KNEW there was a story behind this picture! And what a story it is. Regards, Liz

Landrum Kelly
The road to Greenwood Hmmm, Liz. I am looking more or less south or southwest in this shot. That car is moving away from the camera, more or less toward the storm, which was breaking over Greenwood, SC and producing a backwash outflow toward the west or northwest. The little finger of cloud was racing more or less east to west (left to right) as part of the outflow. The beautiful sunny day that had given me beautiful shots of my dogs Scout and Savannah that morning was turning ugly, and I stopped to get a picture of that ugly moving finger of cloud. If I believed in time warps, I would say that the car is mine, since I would travel this road nine days later, only to hydroplane my Toyota into a stationary tractor trailer caught in a sudden gully washer and a pile-up on I-26. I would lose my voice for most of the summer from the impact of the seat belt, which hit my throat after blackening my chest (no airbag). Less than six months later I would in addition be transported down this road by ambulance for an emergency abdominal operation that would put me in the hospital for ten days. As for the dogs that I had seen that very day, I had walked them together for the very last time in the shadow of Paris Mountain earlier this day. Both have since died, Scout on November 11, 2006 and Savannah just last week on July 5, 2007. (See my "Pets" folder.) Thanks to all who have commented on this photo. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Jack. That means a lot to me coming from you. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Pnina. Good to hear from you. --Lannie

JeffS L
Foreboding. Removing color save one gives the impression of one's emotional experience narrowing onto one distinct emotion: fear? anger? The headlights and direct line in the road also convey a narrowing of experience. Nicely done.

Kenrick Rampial
Interesting perspective and the color certainly reflects the title. Very different.

John Galyon
Landrum... i just read a comment you made on one of my photos...and since i had rated this photo of yours, and it was our first contact...i was a bit confused as to who was writing me. it's kind of funny (at least to me)... i had just "blistered" someone on a bad photo and i was feeling bad because i thought it was you...and you were so nice to me... lol was glad to find it WASN'T YOU! i never give harsh critiques w/ malice intended, but i can be dead blunt...as i feel that it grabs the person's attention and they are faced w/ being angry/hurt/insulted...and simply writing me a nasty note or dismissing me...or they can inquire further if they truly want to gain further insight. anyway...i'm still glad it wasn't you!

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, guys. Just playing around here. . . . --Lannie

Pierre Dumas
It is more acceptable like this! More visibility, at least on the road! PDE

John Galyon
great shot...could even have been better if the right foreground had something a little more interesting...yet nothing that would distract from the sky, the silhouette of the trees, the car, the highway (have i left ANYTHING out? ;) ). what it would be, i don't even know....but then we don't always get to choose these things. something that i truly love about this photos.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Pierre, but I think that adding color boosted the brightness just a bit. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
No, John, 'twas not I! Nor was anything in your comment above other than constructive. I really enjoyed glancing over your portfolio. It is splendid, and I will be back there to really peruse it as I have time. Great work. . . and great critiques! Keep it up. --Lannie

Jack McRitchie
Excellent shot, Lannie, a highly original shot. It takes an artist with vision to do something as simple as moving the road to the extreme left and thus making this into a dynamic composition. The only thing that bothers me a little is the slight white shadowing where the trees meet the sky.

Liz Weisiger
Hi Lannie. I can't give you any advice to change anything - I'm not anywhere near that level, but I can give you my impression. I pretty much like everything you do because of the good ole Southern thing you have going on. This shot is more like a typical shot of a country road, maybe in rural NC or SC, that feels lonely and foreboding in the darkly shaded sky. There is a story about that car; I like trying to imagine what it could be doing out there.

Landrum Kelly
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