Mimosa, the Beautiful Interloper

by Kelly Landrum

mimosa the beautiful interloper kelly landrum

Gallery: All of My [Early Digital] Life (2002-)

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Published: Friday 6th of July 2007 12:21:40 AM


Janis OKelley
Hey! I love this tree. It makes me think of so many wonderful memories of being a kid. I loved the fuzzy feel of the flowers on my face and the leaves were a beautiful garnish on my mud pies! I tried to transplant one last year and it died. I thought they made it...no matter what. Well, I killed one. Have not tried again...yet. Thanks for the memories! J

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, you two. This one just sprang up and was on the northern, wet slope of the yard (but in full sun) so that it grew like crazy. It was taken down when it started encroaching on a Canadian hemlock that I planted that started getting bigger. --Lannie

Dennis Jones
What Janis said about kid memories.... Ya know, I need to plant a few of these... Nice work Lannie...

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