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by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 5th of July 2007 07:16:33 PM


Timo Hartikainen
This is a little bit different than I'm used to see when looking your photos..but very good anyway. If this was mine, I would crop it a little bit from top and right side.

Mark Boyer
I wouldn't crop it. Any loss of outside space would cramp the beautiful flow of her limbs. This is a truly wonderful and natural shot.

Thomas Collins
Superb! Leave the cropping. I love all the tangental lines and angles within this image. And of course one cannot overlook the beautiful woman in the centerpiece. Great job John!

Tim Corridan - Queen Creek, Arizona
its a real treat watching your talent excell over the past 4 years or so...

Jim Phelps
John, The lighting and white balance are excellent, and the model is beautiful. From a subjective point of view the foto reminds one of the early impressionist nudes. However, the foto has far to much detail to be considered impressionistic. The model appears to be either unaware of the photographer/viewer or does not care. This is truly voyeuristic. The viewing angle also contributes to the impression of voyeurism. The marble and water cause the foto to be very "blue", so much so that it should be on the cover of a Miles Davis or John Coltrane CD. Everything works well together to yield an excellent foto. This style is significantly different from most of your recent work. My compliments to both of you. Jim Phelps

Michael Kostashuk
Hi John, I like the contrast in this image between the coolness of the marble and the model. Nice lighting.

Rakesh Syal
Simply superb!!

Marielou Dhumez
Pure beauty !

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful!!! Alberto

Alessandro Della Casa
Great Model, location , light and pose. +++

John Peri
Thanks to everyone, glad you liked it. Kudos to the graceful model ...

Atanu Ghosh
Interesting composition and colours...not very sure if it would have been better if the model reclined against the pillar...

John Peri
Indeed, it's possible, I didn't try it, but the result may look more fluid like it is .. who knows .. thanks for the suggestion ... I'll be back there soon ..

Raymond Elstad
Just Brilliant! Great pose and wonderful setting. Cheers, Raymond

M Swift
Once again, John, where do you find these heavenly models??

Steffen Drache
A wonderful picture, it reminds me of a Turkish bath or something like this. And her posing is also fine, with a gentle erotic...

John Peri
.. sometimes they find me ... :-)

Al Li
A Greek goddess, stunning.

David Sygall
dam nice Mr Peri is this on the court house steps? Focal point is the turft of hair. you have a way with voyour view from above. and the focal point. dave in tucson

Joseph Calvo
Very stunning piece. The ivory and smooth blue hues create a gentle and serene feeling. An elegant pose; its like you have captured a moment of unaware tranquility in her life.

Alec Ee
Enjoying the good life. Another gorgeous model John. Love the composition.

John Peri
Thank you Tana, I really appreciate your support, as part time model you also know and understand what it is all about.

Tana Perry
I don't quite know what to say, I think everyone has said how I feel already. All I know is that all of your photos that I have viewed has evoked different reactions and emotions. This is blue. Cool, clean, refeshing and dream like. Almost not real. Too good to be true. The Goddess that is unattainable.So close yet so far. Beautiful work by all.

Anca Cernoschi
beautiful! i like the combination of textures and contrast of the many shades of blue and skin color :)

John Peri
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