Zt 312

by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 3rd of July 2007 10:43:01 PM


Rakesh Syal
A class apart!! Great job my friend, John Peri!! You are the man!! Best regards, Rakesh

Jim Phelps
John, Beautiful model, great facial expression, and good pose. All of which work very well in B&W. Overall a good foto. Jim Phelps

Glenwood Sherry
Stunning..... John, What a stunning image! I love it. Especially how her beautiful hair centers the image, and what an amazing negative space on the right. The young woman brings a wildness to what would be a static scene; she is very, very beautiful and charismatic. A perfect foil to the cold stone. One of my favorite images of yours (even if the pavers are not level!) I give it a 7/6. With the deepest respect, Glenwood

Sarah Kane
Oh my John, Beautiful movement through the hair and body, such a delicate and vivacious model... very sexy! ~S~

Barry Denton
Clever idea with a wonderful model. Bravo!

Sweid Sideris
Less evocative, but more dynamic, plenty of motion and sensuality. Her gaze and her lips are the temptation of the sinners and the weaks... well, some strong men will fall down too. Precious and clever composition.

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Sublime. Very evocative.

John Peri
Pillars of worship .

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