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by Peri John

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Published: Tuesday 3rd of July 2007 01:30:15 PM


John Peri
Ha ha .. yes, the model was just passing by too ... :-)

Sweid Sideris
Such a pity then my friend! I was almost two weeks at Santorini, with my camera hanging from my shoulder of course, three or four days at Sifnos island an four days at Athens, the rest in Madrid with friends. And you? where were you?

Rakesh Syal
WOW!! Simply love the lighting! A piece of fine art, you are the master, John Peri!! Best regards, Rakesh

John Peri
What a shame, my friend above was in Santorini for a week, before joining up with me on another island where this picture was taken ... ! Next time, let's coordinate this ... :-)

Alberto Quintal
Hola Excellent shot, perfect pose and model, John. 7/7 Alberto

Scott Lieberman
Agreed with Dave. A departure from your usual style. Great shadow work. I enjoy your work.

Jon Hyde
Beautiful - as always. Just a chance to be able to shoot such images in medieval cloisters!

Sweid Sideris
Such a great welcome for me after almost one month wandering the Aegean Sea. Striking image. Almost nostalgic. Sweet warm dance step on the cold soil, the light as a caress on her young skin giving us a false feeling of fragility, her shadow warning us about the danger of her strenght magic, a man watching becomes mad for her, and her body of nymph telling us her most deep secrets and at the same time banning out the understanding of the message. She is a "mirage" and in a second she will disappear in the air. This is your most romantic and spiritual work. A gem for the memory.

Alon Eshel
The combination of light , shadow , location and the beautiful model created a wonderful and interesting photo . Great work

John Peri
Maybe more Salvador Dali's Don Quijote! ... thanks Jim. It's sundown, the shadows are harsh and it's tricky as you know, but they can be put to good use ..

Gary Stallsworth
Excellent image. The lighting/use of shadow is very well done. The interaction between the grace of the model's pose and the distorted shadow is very intriguing.

Jim Phelps
John, Your right, the shadow is definitely Dali!

Glenwood Sherry
Fantastic... John, A fantastic image; I love this series, as it seems to have opened up a whole new level of expression in you. The strong blacks and low lighting; the pose; the great shadows on the left; all remarkable. And the young woman is especially stunning; the scene would not have been as effective with someone else. A 7/7 from me. With respect, Glenwood

Jim Phelps
John, I agree with Richard and Gary, this is execellent lighting. The pose itself reminds me of a ballet dancer taking a bow. Her shadow on the floor and behind her brings Picasso to mind. Excellent foto

Sorin Vidis
That is THE masterpiece...really John you have really outdone yourself...pushing the envelope to a greater scale.....I believe this time was not just luck to immortalize such an emotional and dramatic scene...you had to go through some study and elaboration of this remarcable photo... Best regards Drop by

David McCracken
Recognition (or lack of) I wouldn't have recognised this as one of yours. It really doesn't have your style. However, it is very good indeed.

Richard Deng
Beautiful use of the side lighting to bring out the contours and textures. You are a rennaisance man.

John Peri
What a shame Carlo, I was there too .. but you could not have known it ... this is taken there ... thank you for the comment .. a rare find .. indeed a mystery subject ... very enigmatic, here one moment gone the next .. leaving just her shadow behind in memory ... you are very observant .. .. she's gone now .. she said she would come back soon ... we'll see ...

Frank Bauwens
A Masterpiece!

John Peri
Devious Shadow .. .. the impressions that we leave do not always reflect reality ..

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