Zt 305

by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Published: Monday 2nd of July 2007 01:50:12 PM


Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, lovely model, John. Alberto

Jim Phelps
John, The model's expression and the interplay between her skin and the shutters create a really warm, subdued, mellow mood for this foto. The viewer gets the impression that (in addition to her natural beauty) she is completely at ease with her surrondings and could take control, but does not want to.

Ceylan Atuk

pepe alias boulette
fabulous afternoon...

chocolate jack
I like the setting / location. And love the contrast between the skin tone and the window shutters. Nice looking model and a great image overall.

Martin Bobič
Simple and charming :)

John Peri
A very interesting observation Jim, thank you. Actually, my models are always in control. I think it helps them to relax.

Lennart Goldmann
Excellent John, you seem to get everything right! Here every detail (like the plant) is where it should be, exposed as it should be, framed as it should be. The mood is fantastic. Too many photos on this site are just a pretty naked girl (and belong in some voyeur site) or artificially artsy, yours are some of the exceptions. Congratulations!

Naveen N
How in the world!! John,
You're great!! the Picture and ALL the pictures in your portfolio are picture perfect!! I'm an amateur, so from my perspective, they are perfect in all respect...just one question -- where in the world and HOW do you manage to get these models? Seems like you have discovered a source that nobody has tapped into (lol)! Any advise is highly helpful!

John Peri
Very far from perfect my friend ... but thank you. As for the young ladies, ha ha look around, they are everywhere .... simply everywhere .. and they all have girlfriends to ... :-)

John Peri
Thank you Lennart, I appreciate that.

John Peri
Untitled afternoon ..

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