by Prakarsa Rarindra

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Published: Monday 2nd of July 2007 01:44:47 PM


Ken Thalheimer
Beautiful light & composition

James E Pelealu
Bagus sekali, sungguh luar biasa, hunting barengnya sukses banget, best regards.

Guzin Tezel

Ceylan Atuk
your works are wonderful..I like it very much..

Fredy WIjaya
nongol jugak disini rupa nya kak... cakep dan nggak nyangka hasil nya MARKOTOP ngene.... kemaren aku bertemu anakmu mas di rumah mas Agah....

Mujahid Awais
E X C E L L E N T PLUS I love Your Photography. How you treat the Backgrounds,

Michael Tommerup
This is one of the most beautiful pictures i hav e seen here at photo.net

Becky Brill
Another wonderful shot. Becky

Ubun Tyru
Beautiful light...

Harmeet Singh
Excellent Excellent shot and lovely lighting.I will love to make a poster of this one and hang in my drawing room.

carlos rodriguez
sin palabras :) eres magnifico tu trabajo es maravilloso felicidades

Denny Taroreh
RDP banget githu loh !!! Great pic.!

Eugenio Pastor Benjumeda
Me parece una foto con magia. Una preciosidad. Enhorabuena.

Katherine Erickson
Very serene and simple. The lighting is beautiful. Wonderful shot! Regards Katherine

Jose Orozco
Foto de maestro, fabulosa composicion y textura maravillosa una foto de 7/7.

Antonio Díaz

Arnulf Johansen

Jorge Muxica
Chinese Rice Fields This is a very nice picture. Somehow all the contrasts of lighting are so nicely captured in this shot. There is a very nice balance between the two people in the scene and the amounts of light sorounding them. The back is just hazy enough to provide a nice soft blanket that completes the rest of the picture. It could be still cropped a little on the sides and bottom. Nice composition. Great Job.

Hasan Ghodrati
Jens-A This is actually, like all the pictures from this photographer and another one from Indonesia, is a very simply picture. Believe it or not, he is just a master in manipulating the picture with a special plug-in and lots of burning, layering and dodging. They never divulge how they do it, nor do they say their pictures are manipulated. I still admire their ability to produce such masterpieces! Regards - Hasan

Robert G.
Wonderful atmosphere and light ! Gorgeous ! Robert

Tony Hadley
amazing shot.

Jens-A. Wiken
As allways.. superb! Allways this incredible light and colours.. and I cant understand how you're able to do this "impossible" light and shadows, and still get such a good exposure...(?) Greate job! =) -Jens

AndRe Arment
Dramatis Come to be different. kok jadi beda yah..? Mbah emang the best.

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
wonderful capture 7/7

Kanwaljit Singh
Beautiful Composition and Hazy colours adds the eternal beauty to this Photoo,Best Regards

stephane puron

Amazing light and shot as usual...

Rarindra Prakarsa
Farewell tank you

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