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by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Sunday 1st of July 2007 04:36:52 PM


Randall Paul
As usual John taist and class set up with great models! :-( I think I am going to start shooting bears more of them around here than girls! lol Best regards you are always an inspiration. RP

Jim Phelps
John, Good composition and lighting as usual. I like the way her hair merges with the background, it give this image an abstract quality reminiscent of a painting. I particularly like your use of the slight blue tinge, it works very well and adds to the abstract quality of the image. My complements to the model on the pose, both the hand positions and the facial expression are strong contributors to this look.

Christian S. Mendes
6/6 Nice pose, expression and very good light. Good work!

Atanu Ghosh
Wonderful pose and skin tone...

Allan Kirby
Question John, I have admired your work for a while now and I try to learn from the photos you post. Perhaps when I get to Paris a week from now, some of that creativity will rub off on me. My question is this. Do you tinker with the white balance? I think I see a creative use of blue in some pics and warming tones from tungsten in others. I already know that you are a master of using a standard flash; however, the effects you create seem to be done by creative use of white balance. Am I correct in this assumption? Allan

Kelly Shipp
great image Great image John. The composition is inviting, the lighting superb, and the model breathtaking! Very well done. My only improvement, would have been to relax her right hand (fingers). The 'claw' is a little distracting if I study the image for a while. :) Other than that, I love the image.

John Peri
Allan, that's a shame. I will have left next week. Let me know if you return ... The photo above came out of the camera looking pretty normal, as in the small examples above. I just tweaked the colours, contrast etc., a bit here and there to get this slightly colder effect .. no, I don't really know much about white balance .. it's fixed on "automatic".

Sorin Vidis
That one is really an icon of the female....where everything looks perfect...the window has a purpose...the blue hue is back "with a vengeance" ... ;-)... Best regards

Michael Meneklis
The window is perfect and the bg is amazing-:) This is a unique composition with excellent pose of the beautiful girl and a very nice engage of brown and blue tones.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, John. Alberto

Bob Kurt
Superb !

John Peri
I love teddy bears !

David McCracken
Proof Proof if proof were needed that it is always better to take your time.

Mark Boyer
Terrific concept; beautifully and naturally done. The tonality has the slightest blue tinge, which makes the shot all the more sharp and striking.

Eliseo Cabrera
Great work!

Raymond Elstad
Hello John, I love the frame within the frame... yes, very nice foreground framing and a lovely image. Cheers, Raymond

John Peri
The "proof" if needed is to be found elsewhere David, nor does it correspond necessarily with everyone's taste or style. Contrary to what you imply, this is one of five or six snapshots taken in quick succession within a few seconds of each other, with the model moving rapidly in between shots. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. I usually go for something quite spontaneous, even if the model is "posing". In my view, studied shots look studied. That's just fine and many people alike yourself may excel at that, it's just not what I usually do nor am I very good at it, I'm hopeless with the details. There is good and bad in everyone's techniques and one is free to like the result or not. I'm glad you can identify with this one, even if it doesn't correspond at all with the approach that you appear to refer to. On the contrary, it may even go to show then that it is not necessary! Thanks, and the others too, glad you liked it.

John Peri
Study in frame .

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