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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Alberto Quintal
Beautiful and original, John. Alberto

Antanas Strazdas
Perfectly. Like it. Best regards.

Rakesh Syal
Superb composition and tones!! Great graphic impact here, John!! Best regards. Rakesh

John Peri
Thanks Atanu, we tried to reconstruct the other half of the helix! I get the point, and it was possibly hard to do it more convincingly without contorting the body even further, but one cannot only photograph people when they look comfortable .. :-)

Atanu Ghosh
Good composition...however it seems the model was not very comfortable with the position...and I would have cropped the left portion showing the door...

Robert Gordon
But where is the other half of the double helix?

John Larson
DNA Great concept, beautiful model, Love the pose. Her expression, looking over her shoulder, her bum against a thin barrier. So little protection against the unknown.

Michael Meneklis
One more great composition and capture from Master John. I would never dare to crop the leg like this but I see it's working perfectly. Bravo John.

John Larson
Hi John. My first thought was whack the door out of the picture. And show more of her leg and the stairs. But the more I looked at her pose and her expression in particular, the more it seems the door and wall are part of the bigger picture. Maybe if you had not mentioned DNA or if she was looking up, my mind would not have wandered down the path it did. Either way, a Beautiful model and an interesting concept.

John Peri
The DNA Strand That is actually where we all emerged from ..

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