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Published: Thursday 28th of June 2007 06:22:48 PM


John Peri
Apologies to those that had left comments. I had to remove and replace this picture because of the vulgarities of a certain PN member. A usual offender unfortunately, a rather envious character that seeks the attentiion for himself that unforutnately his photography doesn't bring him.

Michael Meneklis
I feel very sad John that there are such people and PN cannot do anything. By any way this is a great shot with excellent pose and grey tones.

James Porter
Framing Mr. Peri, I am new to the art of photography and I am reading "Beginners Guide to Digital Photography" and it speaks on framing your subject(s). Within the posted shot, why not frame the shutters to add some more texture? Again, I am a beginner and I mean no disrespect to someone who is beyond my skill set.

John Peri
Hello James. Frankly, I am not even sure what you mean by "framing the shutters". Should I have included more of them? Notwithstanding, the first thing that struck me when I took up photography, if I may be so bold as to say this, is that there are no rules. If so, who wrote them, where are they? People are always trying to re-invent the wheel, but they just end up going around in circles. Sure, there is what is pleasing or not to anyone's own sense of aesthetics, but what more? As Ansel Adams said, there are no rules, there are only good photographs. Look through the works of the acknowledged masters and you will frequently see bits and pieces missing, notably of the human anatomy, sloping walls and horizons (anathema to many photographers on PN!), blown out areas or the contrary etc., almost none of which have any impact on the memorable photos that they did. Rules are often a defensive area that make people feel secure. Even where they supposedly exist, it is those that break them that most often create something interesting and new. Good luck my friend. Photography is fun, a wonderful companion, let it guide you and not the contrary. That is my advice, albeit not necessarily the best one.

Clive Rapier
timeless a mystical and wonderful image

John Peri

Thank you my friend. I think that ultimately, everyone in art has to find their own way and decide what is right for them.  The only thing I find difficult to fathom is when rules are imposed on other people under pretext that it is what is right. There is no such thing as right or wrong, only our interpretation of it, that's my own feeling at any rate.

Greg Lugo

John- About your thoughts on "the rules of Photography".  A light just went on, and it's a warm and fuzzy light. Speaking for myself, I can see how learning the technology of a camera could carry into the technical search for correctness in an image.  I've teased my painter friends by saying that they paint because they can't master a camera... perhaps I had it backwards?

Thank you for your art lessons, with every image.  Greg

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