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by Peri John

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Published: Tuesday 26th of June 2007 01:32:00 PM


Ozan Balta
Very beautiful, both the work and your model...

Richard Deng
I like the way her hair matches the color of the wood. A shame that the right eye is covered by that one curl of hair. C'est la vie. My other nitpick is the lack of complete smoothness on her back, but then she is thin. Perhaps if she was less horizontal... A lovely image, it is difficult to critique such beauty.

John Cyr
lighting and composition 1. The lighting is very effective and I think someone already commented on the skin tones being perfect and I'd agree. 2. I'm not really a fan of the composition. I think judging from your other photos that you aren't afraid to break traditional composition rules and for the most part it really works. What I don't necessarily like here is the framing of the shot that cuts out the top of the window in order to display the white wall below. The white wall is almost completely white, which is very distracting, almost as if the window were hanging in the air. I do really like the lines of the shutters leading you to the center, which is great though. I would have liked to see the top of the window I think. Although it's a very nice nude photo, my favorite part of it is her hair and how it shapes her face. Very interesting (almost lioness-like? in style and with how she is posed).

Peepeye Photography

John Peri
No special Story Sorin ... there can't be one every time ... :-) Thanks Jim, it is an interesting point regarding the hair colour which may add to the carefree candid nature of this photo.

Michael Meneklis
Amazing and stunning picture of a very beautiful girl in a very nice pose. Bravo John.

Roman Lucian
very lovely Jhon ! bravo.

Nagy Krisztian
She's true wild-cat, beautiful picture!

Mark J
skin I love how well you capture the skin tones. Nice work, as usual.

Sorin Vidis
Unusual pose...indeed I don't see the reason/story behind it...there is none in fact.....just the play between photographer and model....if that's what defines her.....although I doubt it...;-).... All in all a beautiful image of a young beautiful girl... Best regards Drop by...

Jim Phelps
John, I think the B&W works a little better. However, it has the disadvantage of not showing the hair color, which (for me) is a significant contributor to the overall "personality" of the foto.

Thomas Collins
A wonderful image of a very lovely woman. I like how her eye peaks out from underneath her locks of wild hair. A real treat! The birds on my windowsill certainly don't look like this. :-)

John Peri
Thanks Jim, I think you are right. I wonder actually if it doesn't work better in black and white, where the wall is less competitive ..

Al Li
Exceptional, what more can I say. I love love her hair.

Jim Phelps
John, Overall, I like this foto. However (as John Cyr said above), the white wall is somewhat distracting. The subject of this foto is the model's face, in particular her eyes, and the white wall pulls the viewer away from her face (IMHO). Jim

Sarah Kane
John, she's magnificent! Aside from the beautiful body, killer hair, and great pose, the lighting is beautiful. I love how her crisp curls cover her left eye, leaving only her right for us to stare into... wonderful! ~S~

John Larson
Beautiful model, Love the color and highlights in her hair.

Alec Ee
The natural color tones and her exquisite features steals the show here even though it's not too revealing it's really erotic. Kudos to you John.

Atanu Ghosh
Wow...this is a perfect composition...skin tones and colours...and the expressions...I like the B&W version, though...

John Peri
Thanks Angelo and the others too ..

Angelo Plessas
I prefer the color version .. i think it is outstanding !

Salvador Penaloza

Wonderful , !!!! // Best wishes , Salvador 

John Peri
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