In need of rain the normally hard flowing west branch of the rocky river is slowed to just a trickle.

by Gordley James

in need of rain the normally hard flowing west bra seeking critique gordley james

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Published: Sunday 24th of June 2007 06:42:29 PM


James Gordley
Thanks Daniel: You are absolutely correct about the sunlight, I stopped down as far as my lens would allow and I didn't have any filters with me. I will go back to the scene of the crime as it were and re-shoot this one in better lighting conditions. Thank you for your suggestions. Zack: It is true the image could be fixed in a number of ways using DPP or PS I could have adjusted levels, exposure, saturation, and well everything else. I do agree that the image looks better with your tweak, and I had considered doing the same thing, but the image suffered in the shadows loosing any detail at all under and beyond the bridge. I put the images side by side and marked it up with the problems I see in both the tweaked and un-tweaked versions. I think I will go back to the scene when the light is better and try again. Thank you for your suggestions and for taking the time to work this image. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. George: Zack did do a good job on the image. I should have taken the time to make the adjustments, and better yet I should have had a filter, or waited until the light was right for attempting to capture the image with such a long exposure.

George Pennington
Zack's subtle adjustments make all the difference. Cheers.

Daniel Ewert
The direct sunlight makes the exposure very difficult, and it has created some hot spots in the photo. I would try to shoot this again under cloudy skies or early in the morning. The colors will come out better as well in the softer light. Good luck!

James Gordley
Water flow and bridges Able to stand where water is normally flowing seemed like a good opportunity to capture this not too often seen view of the foot bridge. Your comments are always welcome and your advice is always an inspiration.

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