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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 23rd of June 2007 10:29:04 AM


John Peri
Again, a remark has been removed from this thread which makes the remainder seem inconsistent in part. I welcome people's crtiques always, inasmuch as they do not trespass on the integrity of the author or the models. Ha, yes Jim, this young lady expresses the playful body language that translates into extreme confidence in her beauty and sexuality. Indeed, she is in control and that is the way that I always try to photograph my models. They are fascinating, powerful beings that enrich our lives through their magnamity.

Alon Eshel
Hooo , This shot is soooo sexy . Great colors and amazing model

Sorin Vidis
That's so way beyond beeing sexy or glamourous.....it's a living capture of her personality ....guess you had quite a great time... Best regards Drop by...

John Peri
That's nice to read Sorin ... that's it and, most importantly, she understood it too. Many thanks, John

Alberto Quintal
Sooo sexy and beautiful shot, perfect work, my friend. Alberto

John Peri
No Marko, I didn't need to darken the room inside on this ocassion ...

Thomas Collins
Stunning! Absolutely wonderful work John! The model is a relaxed, having fun, and so obviously enjoying herself. Congrats on yet another fine image.

Charles Mifsud
True Great Shot ..you really managed to carve themodel's personality out of this shot .I agree .......the tentalizing posture is part ...of this expression...beckoning the spectator to her World and yet keeping us observing from a distance.Great Shot....Charles

Tore Nilsson
Great John, it has the same feeling of strong self confidante women to it as Helmut Newton often captured. Great work on the technical side too, the light and skin tone works fine. Best regards Tore

Karthik Rajagopal

M Kelly
John, you working to hard again, take a break (grin). Fantastic shot. Did you darken the room in PS? Agree with comments above.

John Peri
Thomas, thanks, indeed it is the key ... Charles, that's very nicely put ... yes, really good, that's exactly what it is all about!

Glenwood Sherry
Traditional, and yet... John, Another incredibly classy image, and, it would seen, a difficult image for some people (Juha?)to accept. I can trace this image, and some of the issues that it raises, all the way back to the appearance of Manet's "Olympia" at the Salon of 1863. Prior to that showing, all nudes, with very, very few exceptions, had the model looking away from the viewer, not engaging them, and had the model set in some sort of artificial setting. Olympia turned Paris upside down because, and this is important, her unwavering gaze, at the viewer, forced the viewer to confront her nudity. This young woman has the same unabashed confrontation with the viewer: "Here I am, as I am." She is comfortable with herself, as she should be. It is her ease with her nudity that is the issue. She is naked, and the viewer must come to terms with that. She is not degraded, nor is she exploited. (Two classic legal opinions of what constitutes "porn"). In fact, in her mannerisms and poise, she radiates confidence and (this is important) sexuality. But in no way is it "pornographic', or even "soft porn" (a contradition in terms if there ever was one). John, you have always, and I want to repeat this, have always treated your "models" (they are, in fact, more collaborators than anything else, or, maybe, your Muse) with respect and dignity. This is why so many very beautiful and sensitive young women want to pose for you. You show them at their best, and as human creatures, not as slabs of gratuitous flesh. With deepest respect, Glenwood

John Peri
Thank you once again Glenwood. Indeed, you have focused on precisely what I try so hard to underline in my work, which is a woman's self confidence. It is the very contrary of a situation that denotes the dominance or subjugation of the female. Who can possibly look at this photo and not understand who is in control.

Jim Phelps
John, Good composition and color as usual. My compliments to the model, she looks to be in total control of both the surroundings and the photographer/viewer. A powerful foto!

Atanu Ghosh
Wonderful composition, expression and light...

Safter Atay
Hi John very nice and sexy shoot,very perfect work ,color,composition. Your model amazing. Fantastic shooting.... Best Reagrds John

Tana Perry
I love how comfortable she is in her skin. I find nothing sexier than someone who embraces thier nudity instead of being ashamed of it. We are all naked underneath our clothes! Stunning image. Great eye contact. Bold pose. Excellent lighting and capture

John Peri
Thank you Tana, I really appreciate your support. Some lady wrote under my main page a couple of days ago calling me a pervert ! Thankfully, it was removed by the PN administrators, but admiitedly very few women have ever written such derogatory things about my work. Surely a woman above all can sense the respect and affection with which the models are considered in these pictures. And yes, this young lady is really proud of her sexuality and she shows it with elegance, grace and a sense of humour.

Tana Perry
Unfortunately some people are uncomfortable with sexuality, sensualality and the human body. I find nothing offensive or perverted about your work. You manage to capture the beauty of a woman- her personality, heart, soul and body. And that is very hard to do. I don't do as much modeling but I would be honored to be photographed by you!

Javier Diaz
John, her eyes "say" everything. Congratulations!

John Peri
No title .

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