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Published: Saturday 23rd of June 2007 06:29:26 AM


Shawn Shawhan
GungaJim I decided it would be best to tell you how I go about editing my images by demonstrating on one of yours (see attachment). Because your images are posted small my editing techniques have shown a bit of pixilation in the image. If you follow these steps before you reduce the image in size, the pixilation effect will be minimal.

My editing software is PhotoShop CS2, if you use something else these editing tips may be different on your version of software.

* First I check the RGB Levels to see if the white and dark are okay, using PS menu: Image => Adjustments => Levels...
- On the graph if there are any flat lines on the right or left I adjust the setting inwards to eliminate the flat graph lines. (this one of yours was OK).
* Next is where I do almost all my work: Image => Adjustments => Shadow/Highlight...
- First I move the Highlights Amount button to the right until the cloud definition looks good (50% for this image)
- Then I reduce the Shadows Amount from 50% down to where it feels good (28% for this image)
- Then I reduce the Tonal Width of the Shadows down (29% for this image)
- Then I adjust the Tonal Width of the Highlights up or down according to the effect I like best. (42% for this image)
-Then in the Adjustments section I move the Midtone Contrasts to the right (positive numbers) to darken the midtones (+36 for this image)
- Then I move the Highlights Radius button right to left and left to right until the image looks best to me. (37 px for this image)
- Lastly I will sometimes reduce (move in the negative direction) the Adjustments Color Correction if the colors look too saturated, but for your image I increased it. (+20 for this image)
- Click OK when the image looks best to me.
* Third and last step is to use the Filter=> Sharpen => Unsharp Mask... to add some sharpness if the edges of the image need some sharpening. (I did apply a little sharpness to this image)

* Crop the image, resize it for posting, add a frame and post it on PN with a catchy title. (I bypassed this step on yours because it has already been done)

I hope I've done an OK job of describing my technique. Good Luck following these steps if you choose to give it a try.

Jim Downs
Calgary, Canada ...with the Canadian Rockies in the distance.

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