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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 23rd of June 2007 01:30:35 AM


Peepeye Photography
A gorgeous woman & photograph. Perhaps a little more headroom in my mind's eye would have made her head feel less crowdwd in this expansive shot. Regards, James

John Peri
Thanks everyone. I did lighten the hair a bit which otherwise merged into the background. Not quite sure yet what it will look like when printed out, but the colour version does indeed work quite well. Many thanks for pointing it out. Incidentally, why a black and white version ... because in my view, an otherwise glamour shot in this case becomes an artistic nude ...

Michael Meneklis
Well come-back to the Gipsies. I hope you had fun on your vacations. This is a great shot John.

Glenwood Sherry
Beautiful... John, I don't know why you do not refer to this as a "glamour" shot; it is very elegant, and certainly glamourous! Great composition. And I love the placement of the shoes! So much for being on vacation! Hope to see more of this very beautiful and charming young woman. With deepest respect, Glenwood

Jim Phelps
John, The hair does merge into the doorway. It might look better in color.

M Swift
"I think you like nudity. Alot." Would you have said to a landscape photographer, "I think you like sunsets. Alot."? Nothing wrong with the naked body and John happens to capture it very well. John, her hair looks odd to me for some reason in this particular shot. The doorway perhaps darkened in post work making her hair 'strange' looking?

Sarah Kane
She's beautiful John, another great photo! I'd say it was a great chance meeting:) I love all your new ones! ~S~

Richard Deng
Great pose, it creates some wonderful lines and muscle delineation. I like the fact that she is shoeless, it promotes the idea that feminine beauty is not merely the addition of accoutrements. And like your idea of using B&W, it also makes this more than a mere glamour photo but a study of the human form. Nicely done, she has amazing eyes.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful B&W, lovely model, John. Alberto

John Peri
Thanks Glenwood. I post lots of glamour shots, and did so already this morning. Presumably, it too is also an artform, as is any other. However, I felt that this photo had some potential as a more artistic black and white image and thought I would give it a try. This young lady is a true muse, as you say, and we did lots of experimental work together .. she is a gem in every sense, and an extremely intelligent one at that. The other works will follow.

John Peri
.. and a chance meeting last week .. with a few days spent taking pictures on and off when we felt like it ...

John Peri
Thanks Sarah. Well, we tried to make it happen but we weren't sure until the very last moment ..... in life, one must seize opportunities ... :-) ... hint hint Sarah .... :-)

Alon Eshel
Very nicely composed , Looks like a Summer House in a Greek island :) . I would give more headroom , Just a bit so her hand and hair won't be cropped

Julian Burke
Talk about serendipity! Beautiful face, nice pose, good tonal range.

Liz Weisiger
I think you like nudity. Alot.

John Peri
Summer House ..

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