The 'Porn' Contingent (The Exhibitionists)

by Crosley John

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Published: Sunday 17th of June 2007 07:01:45 PM


John Crosley
Your son in seven years, no ear piercing, way 'cool' etc. Well, Micki, you have answered my question with another of your amazing analyses. Kreskin you are; I am not. I just take interesting photos -- at least photos that interest me. And I post photos that I think will get 4s sometimes and they get a lot of 7s and it can baffle me, and I am not above calling in on myself and my raters (a case of terminal honesty when I'm baffled by what I feel are ratings that are too-high in my past estimation) You have allayed my misgivings, Micki. Damn, I'd like to have your insight into things. You are one insightful woman. And I thought I could 'see' more than most - far more than most. My hat's off to you. John (Crosley)

John Crosley
Where did these ratings come from? Somebody write before I do. John (Crosley)

Micki F.
They came from this being a COOL picture and their being 20's year olds off for the summer rating pics LOL GOOD ratings :) :) Actually look at who is rating pictures here. You have people in other countries who think of America as a country that has freedom. This is a picture of how they wish they could look. You have a guy with hair that is "COOL" in their eyes. You have a "ROCK" star looking guy. Then you look at what you put in the title. PORN So every guy out there that is rating 7's on those NUDES just for the hell of it rated this COOL I wish I could be that guy stopped and took note at what you wrote for the comment. And said oh I want to be this guy and rated it partly because it is a SHARP picture and partly because deep down they were saying COOL I wish I were them. ____________________ ok, that was the answer to your question. Now the reason I llike it is his face. It is the face of "what the hell is going on here". You take away the hair, the beird and the piercing and you have my son in seven years. Blue eyes and short hair. He is gorgeous and cute. He is an actor playing a roll for something that he is not really good at. He dosn't fit this part in my opinon because his face is way to clean and he doesn't even really have his ear pierced. If he were doing major drugs his eyes would be swollen and he would have a face issue. He knows exactly what he is doing and he thinks smart. He is in the business to make money and that is what he is doing. I love the way you took this picture with him in the wrong and the other ugy in the background. The colors on the color match the patch in the background. The blond hair framing the picture. Great JOB!! :) ~ micki

John Crosley
Ratings disappeared -- the highest ones too It looks like I was right -- this photo had far too many high ratings and they have been removed. Looks like a 'bot' was roaming the ratings and rating everybody with random rates but skewed toward higher rates. A lot of those rates have been removed now, thanks to the Administration efforts at keeping the ratings system 'clean' from interlopers. John (Crosley)

John Crosley
'The Porn Contingent' (The Exhibitionists) These two men were 'attached' to the exhibitors at this year's Porn convention in Las Vegas (Adult Expo is its proper name), and one can only guess whether they're 'porn' stars, set workers or salesmen for the products. In any case, they're surely 'exhibitionists', don't you think? Your ratings and critiques are invited and most welcome. If you rate harshly or very critically, please submit a helpful and constructive comment; please share your superior photographic knowledge to help improve my photography. (For my 'Faces I've Seen' folder) Thanks! Enjoy! John

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