Street in Three Colors.

by Rosemier Matt

street in three colors seeking critique rosemier matt

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Published: Saturday 16th of June 2007 03:34:58 PM


Doug Bays
Street in Three Colors. You've got interesting elements here, Matt. If she had been two steps back it would have been better. Whenever you have a subject in motion, or gazing in a direction, there should be significantly more space in front than behind to allow them space to move into. Then the viewer's eyes do not move directly out of the picture in the direction they are travelling. I did a quick and rather sloppy addition in front of her to illustrate.

Matt Rosemier
Thanks, Doug. I see what you mean. I think it messes up the composition of the photo to have that extension, but I agree about the lack of space in front of the subject (Unless the bike is the subject). The only solution would have been for me to have caught her two steps back--as you mention--but I wasn't quick enough.

Matt Rosemier
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