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Gallery: Latin America - Ecuador - The Galapagos

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Published: Saturday 16th of June 2007 06:27:54 AM


Ray Muldrew
Nice capture. However, they are both magnificent frigatebirds. The male is in front and the female is second. BTW, you have one of the greatest portfolios I've seen on this web site. Regards, Ray

Jim Downs
Thanks for the correct identification, Ray.

Jim Downs
Escorts This frigatebird and albatross followed us for over two hours as our ship moved from Floreana to Santa Cruz island in the Galapagos. They positioned themselves about 5 meters above our top deck right in the middle of the ship. They never strayed more than a couple of meters from their position relative to the ship. However, they about every 20 minutes the bird in the lead would drop back and let the other assume the lead position.

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