Sety - It's Mine

by Cox-Leigh Ian

sety its mine seeking critique cox leigh ian

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Published: Wednesday 13th of June 2007 02:15:36 AM


Liz Weisiger
Great expression and clarity. I would love to capture my dogs like this - how do you hold the camera for such an action shot?!

Ian Cox-Leigh
Stick in left hand -- camera in right hand. Sety was tugging on it while I took the photo -- but he tugs in little bursts and I could shoot between bursts. So, I just held the camera to my eye and checked that the autofocus was working and where I wanted it and shot a couple of frames. I shot 6 frames trying to get just the right composition across the frame (balanced -- but not forced). It helped that I was using a 35mm f/2 prime lens (it is small and light and fast-focusing). I set the aperture at f/3.5 counting on that being enough on a 35mm lens to get the nose and eye sharp enough and the background blurred enough. Then I set the ISO high enough (640) to get a fast shutter (1/800th) to freeze any motion blur (it was late and the ravine park was already in shadow). The fact it was late and in shadow is what let me get enough shadow detail without blowing the whites (photographing a black dog with white areas is very hard to do well in any sort of sunshine). In fact I wanted some shots of him running (there coming -- I'm busy and haven't processed them yet) and had waited until I knew the park would be in shadow.

Ian Cox-Leigh
Your most welcome, Micki. I had a lot of fun taking this shot. My dog is still only just over a year old and this is really what he is like -- full of too much energy! It is exhausting. But, he melts my heart and is so cute (and he knows it!). This is also quite coincidental timing. I just googled myself today (I have a unique name and I do this a couple of times a year) and found that this photo is on Some Vietnamese Site. LOL ;) I wish Babelfish did Vietnamese I'd like to know the text said!

Micki F.
Thanks for giving me all the info OF COURSE my Callie is a ham and she would just sit there saying hello take pictures of me and go what stick. I'm not taking THAT stick in my mouth.

Ian Cox-Leigh
Pull All comments and critiques welcome and encouraged. Thanks.

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