Sanctuary, First Baptist Church, Statesville, North Carolina

by Kelly Landrum

sanctuary first baptist church statesville north c seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: North Carolina: Statesville First Baptist Church

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Published: Monday 11th of June 2007 01:56:32 AM


Ken Williams ...
Might I suggest keeping an inflatable 'parishioner' in your bag ?? Just sayin' (-;

Bente Nielsen
Lannie I like this too for the nice soft light.

Antanas Strazdas
6/6+ Very good work, perfect lighting, best regards.

Landrum Kelly
Hey, Cowboy. I wondered who that ghost was coming in the front door: another evil spirit, no doubt, ready to get yet another foolish woman into his clutches. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Antanas. It was my first effort at this kind of shot--vastly overexposed in a very dark building. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks for the link, Bill. This is the same church that I sang in in 1964 and 1965 with the Furman (University) Singers (from my undergraduate institution). I had not seen it even from the outside in over forty years until I passed through here coming back from a job interview in 2005 (where I presently work in Salisbury, NC). They tell me that the roof used to be even higher, and I do remember it seeming like a larger building--but that was a long time ago. Apparently they have dropped the ceiling, although I do not know the story. --Lannie

W J Gibson
those roof beams are hefty reminds me of the variation in church design: over on flickr there is a group worth checking out and setting the slide show running: the other thought that pops into my head is University of Toronto that has two opposing church styles, Trinity College chapel that has slender tall tall columns in light stone, very airy, soaring and then just down the street the St. Thomas Acquinas chapel which has a low ceiling and large heavy dark wooden beams and is very horizontally built, the antithesis of the Trinity cloud and heaven lightness verticality this is the kind of situation in your photo that maybe calls for an attempt at hdr and multiple exposures combined to gather the huge range of light from daylight to shadow. looks like a good room in which to pray

Henri Manguy
Great softness of light.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Ken. It was late, long exposure, etc. --Lannie

Kenneth Fugate
Nice light Lannie

Kim Slonaker
Appealing shot, Lannie. A little overexposed in spots, but still nice to view.

Dennis Jones
Lannie I could've sworn I'd commented on this one...Sorry dude, for the late look in.... You handled the light coming in well and it gives this a nice effect...

Landrum Kelly
Sanctuary, First Baptist Church, Statesville, North Carolina Comments are welcome.


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