Evolution of a new species in the Galapagos in the Post-Darwinian era.

by Downs Jim

evolution of a new species in the galapagos seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Sunday 10th of June 2007 09:17:32 PM


Jim Downs
Ross, I didn't get the phone number but her email is razorsharp@yahoo.com

Baerbel Kavanaugh
Hmmm, don't remember seeing any of those, when I was at the Galapagos. You must have paid more attention! Interesting composition! :)

Jim Downs
Pierre, I have nothing but admiration for your work but during the first few months I used the site, I mistakenly thought that 3/3 was the highest rating one could give. That probably accounts for at least 80% of your 3's.

Jim Downs
Full frame.

Pierre Dumas
Gunga, if so and now you know which is the highest rating... ...you might do some corrections! Just in case - the highest rating is excellent 7/7! Ha! How about that! And thank you for the mail, ha! Cheers to that! PDE

Simon Page
Amazing I can't believe you got so close without frightening it off. I also notice some "pluck" marks on this one. This can happen during times of social activity and stress. My cat has the same problems.

Ross Yourth
Hi Gunga Your thoughtfull observations are probably correct, but the important question is, "What is her name & also more importantly, her phone number".Regards-Ross

Emmanuel Enyinwa
Is this a crop, or did you actually shoot this at full frame? Just curious.

Pierre Dumas
Hey Googy, you've got what you deserve on this one! I saw that you're a Googy Dry first when I opened your page! God knows how many of my threes are yours, ha! I dare you to rate all my photos! I want to see how many of the threes will then vanish, ha! Don't even think of rating with threes, then your rating will appear and the number of threes will remain he same, ha! This picture only lacks sharpness! The model is magnificent, the background perfect, well cropped, but not exactly well shaved! I mean after shaving device didn't do well, ha! Cheers to the well shaved...things! PDE

Jim Downs
I took this with an old 500mm mirrored Minolta lens and it was handheld. I was taking a photo of a sea lion that was lying next to the subject but someone bumped my arm just as I released the shutter and this is what I got. I've heard that the equatorial heat plays hell with razor blades!

Jim Downs
Evolution in Post - Darwinian Galapagos This previously unrecorded species was recently observed on Hood Island in the Galapagos. Based on characteristics observed in this photo, scientists speculate that it evolved sometime after Darwin's initial visit. It seems to be a highly specialized organism and may be persistently independent with a mind of its own.

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