Western Corner V (You absolutely MUST see it on "Larger.")

by Kelly Landrum

western corner v you absolutely must see it on lar seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Saturday 9th of June 2007 10:58:44 PM


Liz Weisiger
Lannie, again you get me with the "southern thing". I love seeing this in a larger view, it brings up the details that only an old wooden structure has, you know the rough and cracked wood, the funky door frames and knobs. Thank you for sharing this. Regards, liz

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, everyone. Dennis, I am beginning to feel real again, actually shooting a few shots here and tehre. It's been a crazy semester, what with overloads and all. --Lannie

Mike Marcotte
The sills caught my eye right away. They look rough hewn. Also the bottom right panel of the door is missing so you can see through. This is pretty neat Lanny.

Dennis Jones
One of these days..I'm going to take time and shoot a bunch of these... I saw quite a few out west this trip... Your tones are right on Lannie.... How ya doin???

Landrum Kelly

This was among my earliest photos made with a digital camera--shot within the first two weeks of my using it in the winter of 2002.  I was pleased, not with my prowess, but with how well the Olympus E-20 performed.


I shot this old house again in March and April of 2002, after this shot made in mid-February, then came back quite a few months later only to find that it had fallen down.  Even the wood and brick had been hauled off, and only the old trees right around the house gave any indication that a house had ever been there.  The entire site with pasture was then replanted with pine seedlings, which have now grown quite large.  I know about the pines not because I have revisited the site (I haven't), but because I can see what has happened using Google Street View.



Landrum Kelly
Western Corner (You absolutely MUST see it on "Larger.") Please check this out on "Larger."



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