Greasing girl # 08

by Amelkovich Igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 9th of June 2007 12:20:45 PM


vincent tucci
you have the magic touch!

Allan Kirby
I agree I noticed all of the above and the subtelties that they were combined makes this one of the best images that I have seen here on photonet. Well done.

Al Li
I am in awe every time I see you photos, Stunning.

don ricchilino
very good work! don

Apostolos Kokotas
Great Work! Just Perfect!!!! Let the photo tell the rest... Regards,Tolis

Giuseppe Miriello
nice image, if i give you 7/7 could you please give me girl's phone number??? - just joking.. I generally don't go crazy for nudes, but this one has the undoubt plus of an original crop at the top... the way you can see girl's head cropped down and hairs going down is really classy... the bottom part of the frame reminds me this is mostly an erotic shot anyway... but the image would work even with the bottom cropped as a very classy glamour.

Alberto Quintal
Excellent! 7/7. Alberto

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan REALLY Strong Work. Very appealing. Many thanks for sharing.

Miguel Pappan
Take one ,... ....and talking about all.... Adorable consequence at its best.... Your area has to be full of ladies like this...I run around, looking for suitable find them... Great..... Saludos Miguel

Mark Mathewson
impressed wow, is she as strong and powerful as you've captured her? not sure i've seen someone like her in long time. not a prof photographer. just working on a project that i have to do with models like greasing girl 08...would love to discuss more...

Igor Amelkovich
Greasing girl # 08 Beautiful... My personal site:

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