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Published: Friday 8th of June 2007 10:47:23 PM


John Peri
Presuming it is what you mean Julian, I do not think that the toilet should be removed. It adds to the intimacy of the scene.

Ramsey Kunkel
I love all the white, and how the side of the tub draws the eye to them model. Well done.

Alberto Quintal
Hi, John Beautiful model, Excellent work! Alberto

John Peri
John, I only post work that I find to be tasteful. Otherwise I don't take it or use it.

john reef
Did you do some digital obscuring to pass the photo.net censors????

Julian Burke
Great picture but please cropp out that crapper!

John Peri
Ken, I shoot wherever I find myself. My apartment, the model's, an hotel room etc.,

Ken Heller
Settings Where do you shoot John? You always have very tasteful and stylish settings?

Jim Phelps
John, To me, the facial expression and the eyes really make this foto. That, coupled with the background, put the model's pose into a very tasteful context.

pepe alias boulette
excellent as usual...

Przemyslaw Walocha
The toilet has to stay there!!! ;););)

Harvey King
admiration and etc Dear John: Your ability of putting your subject at ease is again demonstrated in this photo. She is relaxed and confident even at this otherwise unconventional pose!!! If you ever have open a class on how to do so, please let me know so I can sign up. in this particular photo, I think it will be a better picture of you crop it so the photo is actually a square, mostly due the way her legs are posed... and the fact that toilet on the right is a bit distraction. I know you are not a guy who obsessed with technical details... these are just my humblest suggestions. Harv

Igor Vrazic
... nacked woman is a first step of a success :) But for me is this average in rating...

Glenwood Sherry
Good grief.... Good grief! I can't believe that we are still having this debate over whether an image constitutes "porn" or not, as if a label, subjective and not objective, determines the value of an image. First of all, the pose does not seem un-natural or artificial to me: It seems more of a captured moment. But natural or not, does it matter? Should a work be judged solely on the basis of whether it looks "natural" or not? No. Does the image work? To my eye, yes. The image is not solicious nor degrading, two of the more commonly accepted standards for determining whether or not an image is pornographic. But again, even if it was, why would that matter in determining whether or not an image has value? "Does the image have intrinsic value?" should be the question, not "Do we have a glimpse of her genitalia?" The model is quite obviously intelligent and beautiful; she is also, obviously, trusting John's good taste and asethetic judgement. Her trust is justified. The picture is not perfect, for me, since I would have cropped the image close to either knee, to keep her from being centered in the frame. But that is only a minor critique, and one of personal taste. But then again, isn't that what art is all about, anyway? Like it? Fine. Don't like it? That's fine, too. Just don't throw labels around like stones, trying to justify your point of view. Glenwood

John Peri
Porn ? Thank you, I very much appreciate the courtesy of your response and have no objection at all to you not liking the photo. Your point of view is certainly expressed in a more meaningful manner now and I fully respect your views, even if they differ substantially to mine. The word porn was and remains still in my view entirely gratuitous, as this picture is no way corresponds to the meaning of the word, but it is probably of no use to debate a point that has already been the subject of hundreds of pages on this site and whose meaning will depend not only on our own moral standards but on personal prejudices too. Throughout my portfolio, and there are a large number of photos there to underline the point now, I have strived whenever possible to show women in a natural setting, behaving as they would normally, albeit sometimes with an accent on displaying the more sensual side of their personalities. If I chose to show this picture, despite the more provocative aspect of the pose, it is precisely because I identify with the scene and have witnessed something similar on many ocassions. The fact the the model is very attractive only helps to reinforce the message but does not in my view detract from it in any way. I am certain that many of us have shared such moments in the past and they are meaningful to those that have known them. A woman will let here guard fall when she is in familiar terrain or in a trusting relationship; and yes, she will sit like this, with no particular provocation in mind. To display oneself is not an act of sexual aggression any more than it is one of sollicitation, other than to those that live in the constant ignorence and fear of anything but the biblical knowledge of the opposite sex. I find it paradoxical that we are discussing the soiling of a beautiful and elegant young lady, sitting in a position which shows strictly nothing other than to those that want to see what is not there to see. Indeed, it is in the eye of the beholder. I hope you will find my reply equally candid to yours.

Adrian Lowe
Ohh dear!

Nana Sousa Dias
I like this! It's a strong image, yet, I don't find it porn at all. I wish we could see more nude images like this, at PN. I've seen a lot of images in PN, where you can see much "less", however, look much more porno than this one. This photo has "cachet", as we say in europe.

Adrian Lowe
The porn debate O.k, the porn debate on this picture,First of all the pose is contrived and her look is coyness beyond any doubt.No one is going to sit on the side of a bath like she is, as a natural pose.There is an undoubted "look at my snatch" element to this picture, so simply put, its porn. The model is especially attractive, the technique is competent, the fall of light is well seen.But, putting someone as attractive as her into a picture like this doesn't make it art, just because she's attractive.If anything it degrades her image , having said that it probably shows that she's a damn fine sport! Ade.

Roy Colin Malin
So special I have tried many times to photograph my wife nude within the bathroom setting, but I have never yet be able to capture the tasteful inocence of the subject that you have. A fantastic photograph Roy

John Peri
Thank you Roy. It is indeed the spirit in which the photograph was taken ..

Alon Eshel
I love the composition in this photo , Excellent

Pedro de Luisa
Very impressive and wonderful picture. Powerful, sexy, intimate: the naked woman, I'd say. Beautiful woman; I am very impressed for her eyes and face. Congratulations. I like your pictures very much. With my poor english I can not say much more.

John Peri
Julian, thank you. At least the gentleman conveyed his thoughts in detail and politely which, unfortunately, is not always the case on PN. Laurentiu, I appreciate your comment once again, though I still do not agree with it's content, it's just the word porn that I found disturbing. Nor do I agree that an academic nude figure study conveys the kind of message that this photo does. You need zero intimacy to take that kind of photo which can be made on command and under contract. It is not the case with this shot. With all respect, it doesn't sound as if you have any experience in this area. Furthermore, women do other things than "walk and groom". They sit and think and convey their body language, such is the case above. Did you see the most charming of gestures and the fragility conveyed by the holding of her fingers .. Paradoxically, such statements (porn) are made with the ultimate intent to protect women, but what will she think when she sees it? Well, I will answer you. She will be justifiably hurt and it will possibly weigh in her decision next time she tries to be so natural. Hopefully, the fact that she is a lady is self evident, particularly if you claim to have identified other pictures of her. Ultimately, you cannot be more Royalist than the King. If it's ok for her, who are we to call it porn.

Julian Burke
Some people are just troubled by sexuality. Why don't they just turn the page and buzz off to pictures of cathedrals and sainst, agels with wings and eternal damnation ? Again: how do you know if you should treat a comment seriously? Look at the work of the person making the comment! No contest Laurentiu Cristofor.

John Peri
Thank you for your comment. You may see what you like in this picture, no one else has categorized it as porn however, most people here are artists and are able to see and appreciate beauty outside of sex. You comment is interesting though. Should one only photograph people that sit in what you consider as natural positions and can it not be natural to others? Personally, I have seen young ladies sit in amazing ways, especially when they feel at ease, though this particular position seems quite normal to me. I would imagine that most people that are accustomed to sharing any intimacy would agree.

James Kuhn Jr.
Well Done I have seen a lot of pictures of nude women and by far this one has caught my eye the best. Well done to you and the Model....

Siamak Jafari
it is really an artistic shot like your other shots,good luck.

azer naik
outstanding,,,bravo John

John Peri
Thanks Leo, but there is much decency to be found in beauty and grace too! I'm glad that you and so many others are able to appreciate a genuine attempt to show women as they are without all the hush hush that we have been taught to cloud our vision.

Art Rivera
Interesting shot Peri, I agree with Julian, I would have cropped a little bit, particularly on one side. Your photo is clearly very powerful, it has caused a lot of commentaries and so far it has a pretty good rating. The naked human body will always be a cause of concern to many. It is difficult to show an explicit shot like this and make it look good. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You have created a hell of a discussion. Congratulations.

Michael Meneklis
A beautiful girl in a very good capture. Well done John.

Leo Gottfried
Excellent work This is a great bold work without the false pretention of decency, paralel to the leafs glued to the genitals of the angel's statues in the Vatican, Are they still doing so?). The only remark I can make is that these small files are not easy to appreciate, a file of 900 pixels width will be much better. Thanks for sharing!

Michael Hite
Michael J Natural, innocent, stunning and provocative. Nicely done. I had to join this site just to post a reply to at least one of your "critics" of this photo.(maybe two). Cristofer, your Freudian slip is showing. You should be trying to hide the shameful feelings that seeing a womans most personal body part drags to your surface, not showing your sensual inadequacies to all. Ade, you only wish you had the talent to conjure trust in a model as perfect as this beautiful girl, (which is thankful considering you would probably say something like, " OK, Let's see that snatch!!"). Kudos Glennwood, this model and photographer are listed as among the best on this site for a good reason. This photo conveys many emotions that are all provocative and/or pleasurable. Technically near perfection, and translates to all languages. I am not intuitive enough to tell a persons IQ by looking at her photo though ;-) don't make me come back here!!

John Peri
Hello Ruslan. What I think is important is to speak about someone's work, whether one enjoys it or not. What is disappointing is when no one notices! I am afraid I don't know Tinto Brass's work. I gather he is a cinema producer/director ..

Ruslan Lavrentyev
The Tinto Brass of the photography Hello, John! I appreciate and love your style of photography, and I dare to compare you to Tinto Brass (in terms of style and approach). A lot of spears have been broken in debating about your pictures... Do you agree with my point of view?

Jatinder S. Keith
Character of Woman They say that a man gives love because he seeks sex, and a women gives sex because she seeks love. The unnatural positioning of the legs, is an indication of 'offer'. The body language of the hands and the facial expression express a yearn, an anxiety and an element of uncertainty. The first expression may place this work in the category of what is opposite of art, paricularly since she is looking at the lens and hence the entire audience. The entire expression brings out the character of a 'woman'. It would have been a still stronger expression had she not been looking at the lens. We know that it is an arranged photo shoot. It is not that her love is around, but a photographer playing around with his camera. Still such a creation could come out of such a situation, is to the credit of the model, the photographer and the rapport that he has established with her.

John Peri
That is a very interesting and well thought out analysis and I enjoyed reaading it. Thank you.

Leroy Simpkins
Excellent shot! Nice tone, like the white!

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale
Hi John

Excellent shot and wonderful model. Regards, Chico do Vale.

Salvador Penaloza
Three words !

Great, great, great, !

John Peri
Bathroom scenes .. moments rarely shared

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