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by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 8th of June 2007 10:15:09 AM


Lennart Goldmann
Just great!

Alberto Quintal
John. Fantastic and beautiful, the B&w is Excellent. 7/7. Alberto

Anthony J Deffina
Nice capture John. The title fits this very well. I do wish the heater were not there, however. Still, it does not distract from the overall feeling. Just love that "Wave" in her top!

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Fantastic appeal. Great tonal and the composition.

Jim Wingate
Very nice. By the way, whats her number?

pepe alias boulette
excellent as usual....

Lászlo Baranyai
What? She is not on display? Guys who are you kidding? Get real!, Laszlo

Bob Kurt
I really like this photo.

Glenwood Sherry
A Classic... John, A Classic Peri, a look that is so distinctive that it could not have been shot by anyone else. The composition is dead-on: The right leg set against the black throw; the "S" curve of her top over her left breast; the balance between the black and light; the light falling on her right cheek;the diagonal lines and short cropping; the tones; the glass! But what I find most appealing about this image is the comtemplative mood of your muse. She is unguarded and comfortable within herself. She is not on display. She is in her own quiet place. Beyond your technical skill, it is your ability to bring out the natural beauty and intelligence in your collaborators that is your great gift. No one does it better. With utmost respect, Glenwood

Juan Carlos Rivera
Very nice photo, John.

Michael Meneklis
This is a 3D photo. Lighiting and grey tones are perfect in a very good pose.

Harvey King
good crop and pleasant Very good crop and composition, along with a touch of calm and tranquility. Did you instruct the pose? or this is pretty much spontaneous? Harv

Alon Eshel
Wonderful , Great expression of thinking . She looks a bit sad

Vittorio Pellazza
Again one of your sexy, spontaneous, elegant image. I like here melting of dress and cloth similar of body/couch. Congratulations.

John Peri
Harvey, I don't instruct the poses, just change a detail here and there .....

Jim Phelps
John This is truly a classic! Her contemplative expression coupled with the contrast between her blouse and skin really make this foto. Congratulations. Jim Phelps

Romeo Calin
i like the idea... of contrast here. its not 'perfect play' all thou! her beautiful hair is 'lost'(plus the shoe) when you could have taking advantage of it in the composition. and having a 'diagonal' line between the black and the white would had worked much better, again, in my opinion as a novice. i tend to get your originality with the two opposites ( dark and light). i like that.

John Peri
Thanks Romeo. Some valid points here from the technical perspective. The low key approach was chosen in order to downplay what is evident in this photo. I guess some of the highlights you mention are quite adequately visible in the original, but I do not feel that they contribute to the attempted ambiance that is conveyed here.

John Peri
Waiting for the phone call .. .. that doesn't come ...

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