Zt 263

by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 7th of June 2007 08:57:08 PM


John Peri
It is impossible to answer this question. One interracts with the models, it is a give and take process. Is it important?

Rakesh Syal
Very striking pose and portrait, John!!

anthony boudreau
Zt 263 Gorgeous shot,love the pose, nice lighting

Richard Deng
I like the way the opening in her blouse mirrors the shape of her arms around her head. Was this your idea or hers?

Tammy V.
wow, look at her eye contact - awesome!

Alberto Quintal
Hi, 7/7 Excellent! John. Alberto

Richard Deng
Just curious, you have previously stated that the models often pose themselves. I guess the modeling sessions are very free flowing rather than formally set sittings.

John Peri
Yes Richard, that's exactly what I meant .. I mostly move around to change the angle, as in the case above, and obviously I will occasionally move something that looks wrong, but it's more like a jigsaw puzzle in which the pieces just move in together .. I think that this pose would be relatively hard to reproduce on purpose, it would imply unending fiddling around with the shirt etc .. I also think that any model will move differently according to who is there in front of her holding the camera. It's what helps to personalize a photo .. it's a two way process. Thanks for passing by again ..

Alistair Jones
Awesome! John, I love everything about this image. Its awesome!

Michael Meneklis
Very beautiful girl in an excellent composition with perfect grey tones. Bravo John.

John Peri
Portrait of a modern young lady .

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