Paris Street Scene

paris street scene seeking critique becker charles

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Author: Becker Charles

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Tuesday 5th of June 2007 03:05:09 PM


Tom Moser
The colors, and his nonchalant expression flow together seamlessly.

Maurizio Rossi
Great exposure and composition very expressive! I like a lot this image for details and brightness very impressive! All my compliments and regards. Maury

Charles Becker
Thanks! thanks Tom-it was exactly his expression that got to me! cb :-)

Jerome RX
:-) I know this place, it's close to my office. I often tried to shoot it but never got a nice scene like this one. The only thing : don't you think that those street poles are a real annoyment ? Impossible to take a street shot in Paris without that clutter.

David Meyer
Charles I think it's a great street shot. The poles don't bother me at all. I wouldn't know without trying, but I think I might have tried turning the image just a tad counter clockwise. That may or not be a good idea, but I just found myself leaning my head to the right as I viewed.

Hi Charles, Bollards - on the one hand they are part of the scene and, therefore, deserve inclusion. On t'other I don't think they add to the scene. I might have been tempted to clone the left one (as we look at it) out - but that would shock purists, so I'll say it in a whisper. Besides which, that could cause more problems than it solves. Apropos the slope - I agree: I think taking a "true" horizontal would be beneficial. However, please see below. But, overall, what a fab picture - well done! I am still trying to decide if the building is supporting the man or vice-versa. The broken window (or moth-eaten curtain) mirrors the man's decline and their brown attire match beautifully. Now that slope.. changed my mind - I'd keep it: it is a wonderful metaphor for man and building and leaves us asking who is supporting whom whilst both are on the slope. Well done.

Charles Becker
Paris Street Scene I don't photograph people very often but this scene appealed to me and he didn't seem to mind so I took the shot; hope you like it. cb

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